BC Provincial Renal Agency: Conservative Care Pathway

Author(s)British Columbia Provincial Renal Agency
FileBCPRA Conservative Care Pathway Guideline - 2017.pdf

Care provided in the Kidney Care Clinics (KCC) can be thought of in 5 phases. Phases 1a and 1b are similar for all patients irrespective of their selected modality. Phases 1c, 2, 3, 4 and 5 vary according to the patient’s modality selection (PD, HD, transplant or conservative care). This guideline reviews the phases of KCC care. It focuses specifically on patients choosing the conservative care pathway and includes a staff reference tool (Appendix 1) and a checklist (Appendix 2) with specific areas of activity important for the KCC team to consider when providing care to this patient population. This guideline is applicable to adults.

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