Pregnancy and Infant Loss Summit Recommendations

Author(s)Pregnancy and Infant Loss Summit - Ontario
FilePregnancy and Infant Loss Summit Recommnedations - 2016.pdf

On  16  May  2016,  the  first  Pregnancy  and  Infant  Loss  Summit  was  held  at Mount Sinai Hospital. Over 300 people attended the Summit from all across Ontario,  including  doctors, nurses, nurse  practitioners,  bereaved  parents, mother advocates, midwives, social workers, scientists, and doulas. The Summit and resulting recommendations aim to:

  • Break down the silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss
  • Demonstrate to the public, health care professionals, medical institutions, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care the need for improved care and support for women and families
  • Promote greater investment in research and support services in this area and to establish
  • Promote clinical best practices of standardized care for medical professionals and hospitals across Ontario for women who experience pregnancy and infant loss

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