Manitoba Health -- Palliative Care Drug Access Program

Province / Territory / StateManitoba
Postal / Zip CodeR3B 3M9

Manitoba Health -- Palliative Care Drug Access Program respects the dignity of people in the final stages of life by supporting their decision to choose where they would prefer to spend their final days. Individuals who choose a hospital or personal care home for the final days of their life have their drug costs covered by the health care system. Manitoba Health has set up a program so that the same drug coverage will now apply to patients who choose to die at home or in another residence. This program is designed for people at the end stages of their illness, when the focus of care is on comfort. By covering the cost of these eligible drugs for use in the home, a major financial burden is removed for the patient and their family. What does the program cover? The Palliative Care Drug Access Program provides deductible-free coverage through Manitoba Health. Once the application has been processed by Manitoba Health, the costs of all eligible drugs prescribed by a physician will be covered. When filling their prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice, individuals enrolled in the program will no longer be charged for their prescribed medication. Who is eligible? The program is open to residents of Manitoba, with a current Manitoba Health registration number. The patient and physician must agree on palliative care, dealing with an advanced phase of a terminal illness. For further information: or contact your regional palliative care coordinator

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