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Ideas to Cheer up faraway/sick friends,relatives 
Started by NatR
01 Feb 2012, 3:29 PM

Just wondering what others think about maybe creating a Positive Message Board for those you care for?  Either sent in a card, or something a bit larger that can be put on the fridge door or a communication board - to remind those who need support that there is Hope, there is Live, there are people who care.

Pictures of family, Pictures of mountains, rainbows, sunshine, favorite foods, destinations, fun things to do whether it be movies, book reading, goals you might want to help your loved one achieve?  Things to look forward to, things to focus on that are positive - when there is often too much negativity and its hard to stop those negative loops.

I have even posted them for myself, pictures taken from magazines, catalogues, put together like a collage - to remind me how fortunate I am on the days that I feel down...and I know it would help others.  Anyway...feel free to take this idea and run with it;)
Have a good day, Nat 
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Reply by Cath1
02 Feb 2012, 1:46 AM

Hi Natrice:

I think your idea is fantastic! All the many things you have suggested would prove very helpful for loved ones both near and far!:) I imagine that people dealing with the fear and loneliness associated serious illness, and dying, would benefit from having familar and comforting reminders from their loved ones, those who cannot be there with them as much as they choose, if at all. Actually, it's a great idea that would delight anyone, but especially those whom feel isolated and are having a hard time time coping with being separated by time or distance from family and friends. It would also give families the feeling that they can do something tangible to help. There's nothing worse than watching a loved one suffer and feeling helpless to alleviate their pain.

My daughter gave me a digital frame a couple of Christmases ago and I love it. It was pre-filled with family photos that evoke many happy memories for me and it's so easy to use. I imagine something like this would be practical as well for those whom may be bed-ridden or less mobile as it can be placed anywhere. It operates on electricity or battery and the photos can be displayed in a continuous loop. I can also change the media (SD card) whenever, if ever I like, so it can be updated as often as one chooses. It's non-intrusive as the photos go by automatically as in a slide show. Of course it has an on/off switch if one becomes tired of the show!:)

Another idea that I personally enjoy giving and receiving is homemade music CDs. This past Christmas I made a set of CDs of all my family's favourite music from over the years and I gave them to each of my children/partners and grandchildren as gifts. We played a "Name that Tune" game on Christmas Day and it got everyone laughing, sometimes groaning because they couldn't believe we had ever listened and liked some of tunes, and all in all it got us talking and reminiscing about the past while making new memories to carry with us far into the future. Music is essential to me and my family as it has the power to stir strong emotions, joyful and sorrowful both, and I think for anyone who appreciates the significance and potential to heal one's ailing spirit, music would be a welcome. Music is a universal language that most people love and understand.

One more thing families could do to help their loved ones is to send them talking books - books on CD are wonderful! I think being read to aloud is such a soothing pleasure, and it can remind parents of a time when they used to read to a child at bedtime or bring back fond memories of a happier day when as a child they felt enrapt by a fairy tale as their parent or sibling read stories to them. All it requires is a CD player and someone able to press play.

I look forward to seeing other suggestions here in this thread. I hope our ideas will help those who are going through tough times to find inspiration and practical ideas that may help them and their loved ones to reduce at least a tiny bit of the stress and to find comfort.


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Reply by NatR
02 Feb 2012, 3:04 AM

Perfect! thephoto frames are wonderful ideas! Cds - books,   I am sure there will be many more suggestions!

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Reply by CarolynMarie
10 Mar 2012, 5:29 PM

NatR, I love the way you think!  What a brilliant idea!  It's true, sometimes when you are in the lows of coping, it helps to have something right there to remind you of what you are hanging on for!  Fabulous idea!  I absolutley love it!

When I was going through chemo the first time, I made a list of things I love, foods I love, and what makes me feel good - everything from lime sherbet, to looking out over the escarpment in Hamilton toward Lake Ontario and Toronto, walks and swimming, etc.  When I felt really low, I would often peruse this list and the memories, even if not the actual doing of it, brought me solace and it felt like it gave me a reason to keep hanging on to life!  

Yours is a great suggestion!  Thank you!  
love always,
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