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Online courses for professional and non-professional caregivers 
Started by JennJilks
09 Sep 2013, 12:35 PM

Tomorrow, I'm taking an on-line course for caregivers of palliative dementia patients. These are becoming more common.  I've written a blog post about them.

As a volunteer, I still have to pay for these, which is irritating. I have no mileage any more. Budgets are tight. There is little government funding for such. This course is an accredited course for professionals, but I hope I learn something. They wouldn't even let me audit it.

I am an advocate, as I work with families. I am still calling for a patient advocate for families. We need a non-medical support, much like the Alzeimer Society's First Link program. Another barrier, is the the Still a loving couple, despite dementiaAlzheimer Society has hijacked dementia, and there are many causes to dementia. Many are afraid of the stigma and avoid diagnosis, or may be in denial, which means they cannot access many fine programs.


We are learning much about dementia. Unfortunately, for family caregivers, the pressure and stress of caregiving can be demanding, especially for those juggling jobs, children and parents, can be too much as dementia causes personality changes; anger, violence, or agitation.

That said, I've seen many fine long-term care programs where our loved ones are cared for in dignity. 

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Reply by JennJilks
10 Sep 2013, 12:02 PM

Fall 2013 - FREE Webinars for Family and Friend Caregivers


I believe that FCNS in B.C. has some of the best hospice services in Canada. Here is an excellent resource.

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Reply by moderator | modératrice
12 Sep 2013, 2:31 AM

Thanks for sharing these Jenn!
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