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Hospice Palliative Care and a good death 
Started by JennJilks
26 Sep 2013, 2:54 PM

I am so upset with the video made by the family of Dr. Don Low. A former medical officer in Ontario, he led us out of the SARS crisis. 
He made a video, about a week before he died, telling us of his fear of death and strong desire for physician-assisted death.
This is so wrong.
I wrote a post about it

Most of my hospice clients, if not all, die in peace, pain free. It all depends upon the cause of the palliative situation. Most of my clients have a good death. [On death and dying; a good death]

First, what are the measures of high-quality palliative care?

It is characterized as 
care that addresses the objective of being:
  1. safe
  2. effective
  3. patient-centred
  4. timely
  5. efficient
  6. equitable.
 We have pain management nurses in Ontario, who come to our homes to help us with symptoms. We have home care programs. That said, sometimes the hospital is the place for some one during their last days, where family members are given support and loved ones get the 24/7 care they need and deserve.
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