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A Big Thank You - in memory of my mother 
Started by J.D.
10 Nov 2013, 2:24 PM

Prior to my mother’s death, I had taken a lot of things for granted.  Upon the deep reflection that comes after losing one’s mother, I am greatly inspired by her compassion and it is my hope to carry that compassion forward in my own small way…….

Our family, like many others who find themselves faced with a loved one’s illness, had a big learning curve in regard to understanding the resources available to us.  I want to extend a sincere thank you to Canadian Virtual Hospice for much needed support.  We have recommended your services to others.

In my situation, my sibling had direct contact with my elderly mother’s health care providers but I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with them personally since I was a distance away.  It was awesome to have a professional from Canadian Virtual Hospice respond to my inquiry, promptly and comprehensively.  In our busy world I only expected a fleeting response, but got much more.

I also gained a great deal from the discussion forum.  Hopefully, those who are searching for answers during very difficult times, realize that, just the act of sharing their life experiences can also be inspirational and insightful to others.

My mother was in a long term care facility for 6 years.  I came to appreciate that the staff there, carried a lot of responsibility, yet they never made me feel that I was disrupting their routine.  They always encouraged family time.  In keeping with my Mom’s compassionate wisdom, I sent them a long letter of thank you.  While some may think that they are ‘just doing their job’, I now realize that fundamental necessities such as well-groomed residents, facility cleanliness, activities, good food, etc. would be nothing without dedicated and compassionate care workers. 

In my dear mother’s memory, I encourage others to take the time to give caregivers positive words of reinforcement, acknowledging everyday acts that make a difference, rather than being quick to voice complaints.  It is my hope that even the less compassionate caregivers will grow, if we nurture a compassionate culture.

Thank you to all who are sharing their life stories!
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
10 Nov 2013, 9:44 PM

Dear J.D.,

On behalf of the entire team here at Canadian Virtual Hospice, thank you for carrying your mother's compassion forward by sharing your appreciation with us. 

On behalf of our community forum, thank you for letting us know our words and shared experiences bring comfort, inspiration and insight. And of course this includes your messages as well.

Your mother's compassion lives on through you.

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