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Are you fed up with winter? 
Started by moderator | modératrice
02 Mar 2014, 2:06 PM

long road of winterAre you fed up with winter?

Canada remains in a deep freeze and the end of the long road of winter refuses to come into sight. The extreme and prolonged cold weather has kept us indoors more than usual. I'm sure that has affected each and everyone one of us. I know it has kept our family indoors a lot more and I don't like it one bit.   

Let’s share our winter stories, shake a fist at old man winter or offer a practical tip. JennJilks, I bet you have a picture or two to share. Any other photographers among us?

  • What practical tip would you offer to someone who the weather is keeping indoors? 
  • How are you dealing with the winter blues? 
  • What do you look forward to for spring?
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Reply by JennJilks
02 Mar 2014, 5:12 PM

I do! 

Recently, with hubby's surgery, pressure being a caregiver, and my ex-husbmy front yardand's death, it all overwhelmed me. I began experiencing anxiety, chest pains, and went to the ER. Better safe than sorry, as my ex-husband literally dropped dead of a heart attack. In conjunction with the attending physician, I've increased my antidepressants.

  • I am resolved to getting outdoors every day.

  • Taking walks, sitting in the backyard in the sunshine, when I'm not up to exercise.

  • Doing a good half-hour workout every day.

  • Taking my medications regularly.

  • Eating properly and cooking healthy, nutritional foods.

  • Still not being comfortable in social situations, I tend to visit a few people at a time. The grandkids are a terrific change of pace!

  • I've resumed my volunteer hospice work. (A lovely new family. Dad with ALS, Mom with Alzheimer's, son is chief cook, caregvier and bottle washer. I sat and watched the women's Olympic hockey game with Dad, while son took Mom to visit her great-grandchildren!)

  • I've been cleaning out my basement, having heard my poor daughter trying to clear out her Dad's, in order to get his house on the market. It's very healing, decluttering.

  • I'm taking a break from caregiving for hubby, getting out regularly. (He seems to having man-cold type reactions post-surgery.Undecided)

  • I've been taking up more of my hobbies: sketching, doing book reviews, bird watching, photography, outside decorating.

  • Seeking comfort in my cats.

  • I've been giving myself permission to take care of myselfturkeys in the sunshinedeer sitting!

Even the cats like the sunshine!
Daisy & Buster cat 
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Reply by Mark99
03 Mar 2014, 2:59 PM

I get to be the Debbie downer

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Reply by JennJilks
03 Mar 2014, 4:06 PM

Perhaps you could have started a different thread, Mark99! Most of us need cheering up and shoring up.
American sparrow 
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
03 Mar 2014, 6:40 PM

Jenn, I have to respectfully disagree. This thread was started to share the ups and the downs - in other words the realities of winter. I'm sure, however, as Mark faces his compounded grief of Valentine's Day memories and the loss of his dog Nina, he very much appreciates your inspirational photos and your taking charge attitude. 

Each of us finds ourselves bouncing between moments of "I can do this" to "I can't do this anymore" or "I don't want to do this anymore" - at least I know I do.

I'm so sorry to hear about Nina. Thank you for sharing with us. Such decisions, even once they have been made, are hard to deal with on your own. Is there a happy memory of Nina you would like to share with us?


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Reply by JennJilks
03 Mar 2014, 8:36 PM

TRUTHFULLY, Colleen, I have to pick and choose what I read at some times of the day, month or year. This is true in the depths of dispair or the depths of winter.
When I was heavy-hearted, right after our recent death in the family, I had to protect my mental health by avoiding some threads. It is hard to do when confronted with such a post. It was a shock to me. Not one I was prepared to handle.

When I have anxiety symptoms I have to avoid people, places or things which will cause more anxiety. I'm not sure I'm alone in this. 
 It was my impression that this thread was to be a positive, uplifting one! There are times when I cannot cope, especially when dealing with my husband's ongoing health issues.
 I do my utmost to be positive, but I cannot always do so. That is when I feel safe venting. There are times when I need support. Having lost a number of pets, I found this post most difficult to manage. That's all I'm saying.
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
03 Mar 2014, 9:04 PM

So true Jenn. You are definitely not alone in having to pick and choose when to read what, especially on this forum. In fact, only yesterday mymothersdaughter posted this same sentiment to I feel lost and at time afraid of what I saw.

It is a fine balance that we can hopefully navigate together.
Thank you for being so forthcoming with your thoughts. Perhaps you could respond to mymothersdaughter and explore this together.
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Reply by NatR
10 Mar 2014, 2:40 PM

Hi all!
colleen thanks for starting this topic and for reminding me about it;)

Jenn you have my total admiration at what you are dealing with as a spouse caregiver, dealing with the loss of an ex (I have an ex and I know there are lots of complications and family reasons for having this hit you hard)

You have certainly kicked yourself in the pants and pulled yourself up by re-immersing yourself in volunteer work and so many other interests!

i can't find the energy to barely take care of myself this winter- as I have made a move and deal with changes in my life!
although outsiders looking on can comment that it's all good and positive - it is not feeling that way to me 

yes I am dealing with the winter blahs!! Even despite a trip to sunshine and warmth. It was devastating to return home to -37 temperatures after a few much needed days in the sun!

although winter is loosening it's grip a tiny bit - the continued falling snow and cold nights have me wishing for spring with all my might !!

mark99 I do also understand that the loss of your beloved pet and companion is a big loss for you!
i send you my thoughts today and hope that there is something positive happening in this new week and new month of March.

hang in there everyone it's been a rough winter / spring is coming! Believe me - it's coming!!!

my big positive this weekend was Cracking open the storm window and allowing much needed fresh air and sounds of wind and traffic float up to my apartment. Beggars can't be choosers;)

i know we are survivors and we will make it!!!
now some sunshine would be a big help today !!
Sprinkling some all over this page before I send it!!!
hugs all

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Reply by KathCull_admin
10 Mar 2014, 8:05 PM

Hello all
I am fed up with winter too Colleen! But we have reached the + 4 mark, it is glorious, the sun is shining and I heard a woodpecker today - a sound does something good for my soul.

Mark99 - my sincere sympathy to you in the death of your dear Nina. What a loss - especially as you were trying to protect her from the elements of winter. I will try and honor her memory by making sure to be thankful for our little Lola.

Jenn your pictures are lovely - I especially like the one with your cats sitting in a row in the sun. Thanks so much for your honesty - sometimes life is really hard and we need a place to escape - if only for a short time.

I opened the car windows when I was driving, NatR, and my husband said he expected I would have all the windows open in the house by this afternoon:) Thank you that across the miles we can share the same simple pleasures.

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Reply by JennJilks
12 Mar 2014, 12:35 PM

We had 10 C. yesterday, despite a storm on the way. But cpring will come. I've seen it happen 56 times and I am confident it will arrive again.
meantime, we are back to our GP today.
Both of us have anxiety. His caused by drug interactions. 
The fresh air has been fantastic. The birds are atwitter. 
Cats on the prowl.

There is open water. 
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