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Sweet Escapes for Caregivers  
Started by moderator | modératrice
15 Nov 2014, 1:04 PM

A colleague of mine, Aileen Trang, wrote this blog "Sweet Escape: Ideas for Caregivers" that I think is a must read for all caregivers.
She knows firsthand how intense caregiving is and recognizes the need to find mini escapes to help recharge. She says "And any escape, no matter how short, still counts."

I especially like these tips that Aileen offers
  • Create an "escape" space
  • Make an "I'll be back soon" symbol
You can read the full blog here.

What are your sweet escapes? 
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Reply by jorola
16 Nov 2014, 5:21 PM

Mine is simple... my bedroom.

It always has been for me. I love being curled up in my king size bed with my huge comforter and fuzzy blanket. I watch documentaries, read a book or cuddle with a puppy, kid and or hubby lol.

I also have it very dark in there. most people find that depresing but to me itis comfortable. I have abnormally large pupils according to the eye dr so i am very senesitive to light. i often get headaches from bright days or lights. so in the dark my eyes relax and it feels so much better. and yes i can see like a cat in the dark.

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