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Cancer vacation break 
Started by Tsunami living
18 Feb 2018, 4:42 AM

Hello everyone, Well I’m on the road again tomorrow for another trip to the provincial Cancer clinic with my wife who is a patient. It’s a three hour drive from our front door One way. Does not sound so bad but after doing that for the past eight years every two months...
   We used to go there and back in the same day. But after one too many six hour round trips and an out of clinic specialist squeezing us in for a 10 minute appointment we had enough.
we decided to spend the nigh. We were able to find a nice Hotel less then 10 min from the hotel. Letting the Hotel know we are there for the cancer clinic reduces the cost substantially.        
   We book her appointment for about or close to 0930hrs. This gives us the time to get home before supper. Over all we find this reduces the stress and gives us the needed time to go over what was said in the appointmen. 
   I know not everyone has to travel that distance but something to think about. Even if your appointment is less then two hours away or even in your city if you are physically able take a cancer vacation and book yourself into a Hotel for one night, order some room service, have supper in a local place and relax in the room. We all know the machine of life keeps us often too busy and cancer adds many more cogs to that.
   I know personally after eight years of dealing with the “Dark Passenger” that the change of view is needed to help if only for a short time.

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