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Congratulations Tracie and thank you 
Started by moderator | modératrice
19 Sep 2013, 9:00 PM

Congrats Tracie (aka marstin)! 

Her story about Virtual Hospice made the top 10 list in the Patient Impact Challenge.

Early in the summer, Canada Health Infoway invited people to describe, in 250 words or less, the impact health IT has had on their experience as a patient or a caregiver. Tracie submitted a story about our community here on Vitual Hospice. 

She writes about how the friendships and support she found with all of you brought her strength. But we know that Tracie is our strength. Amazing how people come to our forums in times of need and so quickly turn around to pay it back 10-fold.

Thank you Tracie for being a core member of Virtual Hospice and a stellar ambassador.

Thank you to everyone who shares here on Virtual Hospice. Tracie confirms that we do make a difference and our community is definitely worth being top 10!

Let's celebrate with fireworks. 

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Reply by eKIM
22 Sep 2013, 3:04 PM

Tracie, I just read your fine testament to Virtual Hospice.  It was heartwarming to read.  As a volunteer contributor to Virtual Hospice and also as a volunteer at a residential hospice, I find that don’t get a lot of feedback from those we help, even when we help them greatly.  After someone has passed through a phase of their terrible journey of loss, understandably, they don’t want to re-visit that place, even to give thanks.  I “get it” completely.  So that is why your testament is so special and is so warmly received by all of us who are called to serve others.  Thanks, Tracie    -  eKim

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