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Silly Things That Help Us Survive 
Started by oldbat
21 Sep 2014, 7:40 PM

I'm declaring a "time out".  A moment or two, maybe even more, away from our cares.  To do something, anything, no matter how silly, that makes us feel lighter, brighter, more able to cope.

i'm sure many of us would like to have more time to spend at the gym, in the pool, with nature, etc.   But I'm looking for small pleasures, ones you can do alone or, if you're lucky, with someone you care about.

Here goes:  I live in the city and am handicapped, so I'm not very active, but I occupy myself with:

Cool  Solitaire.  Fitting name, don't you think?  I play it by the hour, various versions, when I'm too stressed to even think.  I know people who play mah jong in the same way.  What do you play?

Money Mouth Mindless TV:  I've always been a specific program watcher but,  since Karl had his stroke, I've ben totally, vapidly caught up by "The Voice."  Mindless.  Marvellous.  I've just discovered "The Bachelor - Canada."  One of my care-giver friends watches this religiously, or not!  She dared me to watch on Thursday - and I'm hooked.  Thank God I'm not a 20 -something and "looking"!  Another friend, similar situation, is obsessed with "Judge Judy" - even tapes episodes she might miss.  That's one I can certainly live without.  "Downtown Abbey" - I'm pretty sure I'll get some call-outs on this one!  Some of my "more intellectual" friends are appalled that I dedicate an hour a week to watch the movie version of "Chick Lit".  Snobs!  I find it charming.  The stories make me laugh and cry, the visuals, costumes and sets are splendid.  Escapism at its very best.

Foot in Mouth  People Magazine and E-TV:  Two things I would NEVER have tolerated in my previous incarnation.  What's with that?  How can you not be fascinated by Kanye and Kim?  Will Jennifer Aniston ever have a baby and/or husband?  Who will Gwynneth try to "perfect" next?  And will John Travolta ever come out of the closet?  Do I care about these people?  No.  But I am endlessly entertained by them. 


O.K.  That's a short list.  Go ahead and add your own indulgences!

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Reply by Xenia
22 Sep 2014, 4:28 PM

Good Morning Old Bat:

Found you after I posted on Who Advocates for me.

Baking is my outlet as posted on Who advocates for me, then I also go to Goggle and try to find my husband's fathers country he orginated from.  Why no records of him in the family information. Of course, the wars were on and so on.

Family trees with all the nuts hanging around makes me wonder what tree I came from.

Take care.

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Reply by oldbat
23 Sep 2014, 2:32 AM

Thanks Xenia.  Got both your posts.  Loved the visual of nuts hanging around the family tree!  And I'm so glad that John got over his really bad night.  That's some strong guy you landed!

Thanks for posting so fast on this new thread!  I was really scared that nobody would! And it was specially important to me today because Karl called me in tears 10 times this morning, mainly because he hasn't seen me in a month and is really lonely.  God forbid the UGLY SISTERS should choke on their spleen and go see him.  Sorry!  I sometimes feel so desparate because I get NO help.  I'm taking care of their Dad and basically they're just waiting for one of us to die!

OOOOps!  This is NOT what this thread is all about.  So, tonight I watched the season opener of The Voice!  A winner all the way.  Great singers trying out, and two new members on the judging team:  Pharrell (sp.?) Williams and Gwen Stefani.  Thought I'd hate her, but she's really quite a sweetie.  Of course Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are back, doing their great stuff.  So, I caught a big break, and not really a silly one, tonight.

Have to tell you that The Voice is a major departure for me.  I've always been a fanatical opera lover - used to sing Gilbert & Sullivan growing up in England.  But I'm lovin' it.  

Still haven't shaken the damn bronchial pneumonia.  6 weeks now.  So it looks like I'll have time to find some more silly shows on TV.  But there's gotta be more going on out there.   List of silly foods (baking excepted - that's Xenia's), books, movies, politicians - now there's one - I could start at the top and just keep it comin'! Hey, how about silly MAYORS!  But it's time for someone else to chip in.

Tomorrow the social worker who stood me up last week is supposed to come and see how they can help me further.  Who knows, maybe she'll contribute to the silly season, too.  And, skpeaking of that, Christmas decorations in stores BEFORE October.  Now how silly is that?

Xenia, I hope that you and John have a really, really good night's sleep tonight.  And an even better day tomorrow.


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Reply by KathCull_admin
23 Sep 2014, 3:41 AM

Hello ladies
My happy place since I was a child is. ...the library:) I grew up on a farm about 7 miles from the nearest town. Every Saturday, my dad would drive into town for groceries and ... the library.  I tend to read fiction - and most genres, but confess mystery is a favourite. 

I like  you Oldbat love chocolate - have you ever tried chocolate chips, raisins, marshmallows in a bowl?

And Xenia I enjoy baking but have to curb that pleasure a bit because I like to eat the baking as well! Frozen cookies are excellent. 

Laughing is also critical in our family - especially at ourselves.

By the way did you know that today is 'Elephant Appreciation Day'
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Reply by oldbat
23 Sep 2014, 4:13 AM

Loved the "Great Elephant Caper", Kathleen.  Thank you for sharing.  Don't think I could go for that melange you described though.  Never quite "got" pumpkins!

Ah, another mystery reader.  Who are your  favouriter writers and/or detectives?   that could be a whole new thread in itself.  But let's try to get "Silly Things ..." going first!

Oh, Ive though of something.  Did you know that the German word for "hangover" is "katzenjammer"?  Literal meaning?  Little cats racing round your head!  Pretty apt, wouldn't you say?  Silly, too.    And have you noticed that, when Germans don't have a name for something new, they string several existing words together and come up  with something so polysyllabic it is totally unpronounceable!  I call this Krautspeak!


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Reply by JennJilks
27 Sep 2014, 2:22 PM

I love blogging. I have found much support in this way.
Also, silly apps on the computer. Whilst waiting for the CT Scan this week, and the Bone Scan last week, I take selfies of us. I take notes and note what is going on. 
Facebook - to keep up with friends. One person has started a special Facebook page for her husband's recent appointments and updates for family and friends.
We spoil ourselves with lunch out, despite hubby's food intolerances: egg, dairy, yeast. This has been a struggle, but we are winning. The chefs have been fabulous.

Irony: Joe eating lunch at Monkey Joe's!


 The waiting room: 
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Reply by frustrated
27 Sep 2014, 6:26 PM

I play Solitare(many versions), love to read mindless happy books, I bake, my grandkids love my cinniamon rolls and cookies. I am a chocolate snob, so only eat good quality dark chocolate.

When I need a break, I take out my little car, put the top down, pick up the grankids and go for ice cream. My car is my one indulgance and it is my escape form reality.(my kids vetoed the motorcycle).

I watch Amazing Race and bet with my daughter on the winners. But mostly my grandkids put a smile on my face.
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Reply by jorola
29 Sep 2014, 4:15 AM

Massages when i can get them
But nothing better than cuddling with my dogs. Nothing like unconditional love to sooth the soul.
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Reply by Razz
18 Oct 2014, 3:40 AM

I'm a bit late to the "party" but kept getting side tracked with "life" and I also suffer from "sometimers".  That's when you'll get it done - sometime.    

My husband and I have the perfect "silly" thiing that keeps us "sand" during the challenging times.  It all started about 20 yrs. ago when my husband was going through a really rough time at work and he was very stressed and depressed.  At the time I was working with pre-schoolers and had a collection of 6 tiny plasic frogs.  well a funny thing happened one morning ... those frogs had found he shower and were lazing on the shelves in the shower stall.  Later that day they had moved and were all in a row on the tub edge.  As time went by those frogs got up to all kinds of mischief ...skateboarding, diving off of the water spout .... and one even broke his leg and had to stay in hospital.  These crazy and yes "silly' antics carried on for long stretches at a time with neither my husband or myself saying anything to each other but both of us were trying to have some fun with those frogs.  They never left the bathroom.  Over the years the frogs show up in times of stress and strife.  One of them hide in my girlfriend's suitcase and went on a trip to Spain!  He had some stories to tell when he got back ... and picture too.  We've lost a couple of frogs and today I could only find 2 of them.  There is one that is sitting on husband's bookshelf at work right now as he somehow managed to get into David's lunch kit a couple of weeks ago.  

Those poor ol'frogs have been a wonderful way to just "get out of ourselves" for a few moments and have given us tons of smiles and plenty of laughs.   And after 20+ years they're still "top secret" Wink

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Reply by jorola
18 Oct 2014, 7:12 PM

Best story ever Razz! I cannot tell you how i laughed fromthe belly reading this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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