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Pictures with Posts ????? 
Started by Razz
10 Aug 2015, 3:42 AM

Now and then I have read a post that contains a picture(s) in it.  Is there someway that we members can do or is it only an option for the forum managers. 


oh .. wait ... does it have something to do with the icon of a tree?   
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
19 Aug 2015, 5:10 PM

Hi Razz,

First, my apologies for the delayed reply. This message went below my radar as we were having issues with the notifications last week.

Anyone can add pictures, but it's not entirely simple. You need to use an image with a URL. I can upload images to by blog and get a URL this way. We intend to make this process much simpler with the new website.

1. Click on the tree icon. It can be found in the formatting toolbar above.
2. Insert the URL in the pop-up. (See image below)
3. Click Insert.

Insert image popup 

Hope this helps.
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
19 Aug 2015, 5:12 PM


On another note, I'm wondering if you could welcome new member Liam and if you have any advice to offer about his question on

Query on Spouse's Mortgage 

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Reply by Razz
19 Aug 2015, 11:09 PM

Thanks Colleen for the information re: the pictures.  There's always an "URL (Earl)" isn't there  - LOL.  I've never been successful with inserting pictures using an URL (from my Photobucket account) on another forum that operates the same way.  I'm sure it's not that difficult if I expanded my "techno" knowledge but more often than not I'm too busy or too tired to pursue it.  Thanks anyway for the instructions. 

Please don't concern yourself on the delay of any response.  My life has been rather "full" of late and to be hongest I totally forgot that I asked the question.  My mother was placed into Long Term Care at the end of July and since then it's been a busy time of transistions and of cleaning out her old suite.  Having to do that myself was at times very difficult and painful but it's done now and one less thing to worry about.  She was very lucky to get a placement in a lovely Care Center with great staff ..... just a few wrinkles to sort out and those weren't big ones.  Sadly however she is at a point in her journey where she doesn't seem to grasp or care about the move.  Her standard response to most questions is "I don't care - it doesn't matter anyway.".  Which leaves me left to make the decisions about her care and I'm trying to base them on what I knew were her wishes (stated or inferred) prior to her steady decline.  I am her agent on her "Personal Directive" and so far no one has given me any trouble over my choices (family or medical personnel) which is a good thing as the directive itself centers more on decisions to be made if she is in a coma. 

It's been difficult to watch my Mom slowly fail by inches and degrees and knowing that it coud be a slow  process to the end (or not).  She hasn't been "eating" since sometime in April and is now down to 68 lbs.  It amazes me that she is still able to carry on but it's a well known fact in our family that she's one "touch ol'bird".  Now it's all about comfort and I've had to express that to a couple of "eager" aides and the dietician that the goal is never going to be to make her "better". 

Oh dear .... I see I've rambled on here a bit - sorry about that.  At any rate thanks again and I'll leave the pictures for a time when my head is less "busy".  Oh... and it doesn't help that my computer is NOT WORKING the way I want it too.  I did the free upgrade to Windows 10 - big mistake for me as so many things got all messed up during that - so I decided to go back to Windows 8.  I'm not that fond of that one either but at least I was finally getting my laptop set up the way I could get it to do what I needed it to do.  Well wouldn't you know ..... the reversal has created problems of it's own and I'm still saying BAD WORDS when I try to do things. 

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