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Baby food 
Started by Prince Harry
30 Nov 2015, 5:32 AM

Hi All:
 i’ve been wrestling with the issue of what to feed my love one who is recovering from chemo I have tried just about everything  without much luck ….most things either tasted funny, too sweet, or makes her throw up.  Her operation had removed a good portion of her digestive system... didn’t want to see her waste away because her system was down
 At first she objected to the thought of eating baby food , but I reasoned with her that a lot of babies are very selective eater’s some having problems keeping food down.    With all the nutritional value and different flavours that is made in baby foods now a days, what would you have to lose by giving it a try? She seem to like the taste of the ones she has tried so far …Here’s hoping it’s like Manna to her body.
Has anyone try baby food or other foods that works well with selective eater’s.?
Be healed 
Prince Harry
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Reply by KathCull_admin
30 Nov 2015, 3:27 PM

Hi Prince Harry 
Welcome to the community. I am glad you found us.

The baby food sounds like a very good idea. I had not thought of it before but it makes sense - it's just looking at baby food in another way. Does your  'love' have dificulty swallowing or is it more the nutrients you are thinking about? I know that people have also pureed food to make swallowing easier but it seems to me the prepared food would make that part much simpler. I am sure that others in the community will be able to comment as well. 

It must be so good for both of you - that she likes it and is able to keep it down. Good creative thinking!

I have never found caring for people I love 'work' - it's life and gives me pleasure. But I know that it is important to look after myself too.  Have you managed to look after yourself? Are there others who support both of you?

Take care
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Reply by Carlyn
30 Nov 2015, 4:06 PM

Hi Prince Harry,

I'm welcoming you too and glad you found virtual hospice. Also I love your moniker ... having a laugh in circumstances such as these is hard to come by sometimes but I'm so grateful for it when it happens. Kudos and thank you so much for the smile and laugh this morning :-) 

Everything i'm writing below is 8 years old and advances are swift in medicine now. Some of this may be not a  good idea now or out of date. But in case it helps, I want to share it. There are lots of wise experienced people here dealing with these issues in today's world and they will be able to offer more as well. 

My mother had gallbladder cancer mets to liver. It affected how foods tasted and nixed her appetite, as well as causing vomiting. Foods were extremely difficult as were worries about nutrition and keeping her weight up and body strong enough for chemotherapy because of all of this.

Baby food is a fantastic idea I think too. Eventually, we did same as you, went with what worked for her body and taste buds. The cancer clinic dietitian also suggested mixing up about 1/4 cup of benefibre in liquid form and keeping it in fridge, then add it to drinks throughout the day/evening. Premix it and that gets the clumps out instead of just adding it to foods and drinks. It was gross that way.

I think what you're doing is a good approach but I'm just a past caregiver and no expert. It worked for us though to just go with what she could taste, swallow, and gave her nutrition. 

I don't know if this helps in your case but we also found luck with the fruit cups prepackaged at grocery stores (fresh fruit was too acidic, homecare nurse suggested prepackaged fruits). I also bought the bags of frozen fruits to use in light smoothies. Not really smoothies, they were too heavy, just sort of a nutritional mixed drink of good nutritional foods. Baby food in a blender I guess but not as thick. Main thing is it was not dairy heavy - dairy was extremely hard to digest and keep down. 

In roughest times, when solid foods and blender drinks wouldn't work, we went to the prepackaged nutritional drinks - Ensure or similar. Also Gatorade in whatever flavour tasted good or was tolerable at last, to keep electrolytes in balance or help it at least. 

These are just some ideas to add to whatever else you might be trying, just in case it works. Never know. If she finds it tastes horrible or can't get it down, move on to something else. 

I think you're doing wonderful at taking care of your loved one. It's a trial and error thing with foods. I hope this is of some help in whatever form you need.

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Reply by NatR
30 Nov 2015, 4:17 PM

Hello Prnice Harry,

welcome to the community also from me;) 
i am having fun with the website which insists! On changing the word prince to something else...sigh

your partner sounds like she is in good hands....your idea of baby food sounds perfect to deal with all the iffy side effects of chemo ( not that I know first hand) but as a caregiver and retired personal support worker in long term care...I know that a lot of prepared food for our seniors and frail elderly was often much like Baby food....in the sense it was puréed and easy to take - easy to swallow - and easy on the delicate balance of a compromised system.

as a mom I often gave my sick kids ( or even myself) custards, applesauce, stewed fruits, cream of wheat etc. so I applaud you for your caring thoughtfulness....I think you are doing perfectly right...

i hope you will continue to update how things are going and feel the support of a group who are all doing similar things...caregiving, inventing, nurturing...etc

as Katherine mentioned, do take care of yourself...we are all very bad at that...we put ourselves at the end of the line.

its kind of like standing in line at the grocery store eith a small basket of goods to buy...and someone older, someone carrying a child, someone with a disability, comes along....and my instinct is to let them in, let them go first....it's a nice thing to go but becomes a bad habit when we neglect ourselves....(smile)

best wishes,
NatR 👍🏻😃 
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Reply by debbie123
24 Dec 2015, 10:08 AM

Hello....I read your great idea..baby good ! I wish I thought of that sooner. You can get ones with lots of health nutrients in it too. My mom couldn't eat a lot of foods towards the end and that would of been a healthier choice rather than her favorite ...vanille ice cream :-) it's mind of matter...just thinking of it as blended fruits or vegetables will get you through.  Baby food helps babies get what they need to survive. So it's good to help adults as well. My Mon had a blender but I broke n well these are ideas are wonderful. Great thinking :-)  My mom's passed just as of yesterday but as many out here on the boards I am always willing to listen and help as needed. My ears are big . Take care .....
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Reply by NatR
24 Dec 2015, 4:17 PM

Thanks Debbie for adding your thoughts.
my condolences to you on the loss of your mother.  I am sure you are feeling lost and wondering how to move forward with this huge change in your life. 
Write if you need to get thoughts out...and know you gave your very best.
caregivers are often the unrecognized heroes.
best wishes,
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Reply by debbie123
25 Dec 2015, 8:54 AM

Hi there...It's me again. I can't believe it's christmas. I still feel nothing as I felt nothing uplifting for all of December.  This use to be my favorite time of the year. Only because inside it felt cheerful to me.  But not this year. With the busyness of mom and taking my dog to the vets I have been so occupied. Now I lay here..It's Christmas and they are gone. My world is gone. I am empty inside.  However I feel though I just wanted to let you know as well I am here if you ever need to talk. Take care :-) 
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Reply by NatR
25 Dec 2015, 2:01 PM

Hi Debbie 

i am am sorry you are feeling so alone today - it's got to be one of the hardest times to get through - this holiday season
its wonderful Debbie that you are offering to hear the stories of others who may be needing someone to hear them.

you have a huge heart - and you are so kind to think of others going through difficulties

this his is why this website works - it's a group of real people Tallinn about real feelings.
thanks  for being out there - and best wishes to you today.
i am sending you a virtual hug🎄⛄️❄️
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Reply by KathCull_admin
04 Mar 2016, 2:50 AM

Prince Harry, I am wondering how things are for you and your loved one. 

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