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Stage 4 colon cancer 
Started by Dannigirl72
29 Dec 2017, 7:45 PM

i was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I'm 45 years old And not used to being in this side of the fence. I'm also a palliative nurse. I love my job. I deal with these diagnosis on a regular basis.  I want to have a place to talk about the best treatment options from other people living with this. 
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Reply by CaroleD_admin
30 Dec 2017, 10:46 PM

Hi Dannigirl72,

Welcome, and thank-you for reaching out to the forum for support.  It is never easy to find ourselves on the other side of the fence and I wish that this was not happening for you.  You have expressed a desire to connect with others who are experiencing a similar diagnosis, I hope someone will come forward on the forum, and also wanted to know if you have explored anything in your community?  I am not sure where you are located but many hospitals or health centres have information on how to connect with others who may have received similar diagnoses.


Although I do not have experience with colon cancer, I would like to share that my experience with illness in my family has taught me to approach any exploration of treatment options through the lens of what is important to me.  I was told to never sacrifice what I truly care about and the shocking revelation for me in that was that I had never really thought about what I truly cared about, not at the deeper level that would provide me with the answers I needed.  Here are a few questions that I find helpful to ask myself:


What do I understand about this diagnosis? 

What are my worries? 

What is most important to me and what trade-offs am I willing to make/not make?


Exploring the answers to these questions helps to guide me in my decision making. I have also come to realize that they are not questions that can only be asked once but that need to be revisited again and again as the situation and ultimately my perspective changes.


I hope that this may be of some help to you or that you find your own way of making this experience tolerable.  Please let us know how it is going.


Wishing you peace for the New Year.



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Reply by JennJilks
31 Dec 2017, 12:24 PM

Hello Danni,
That is a tough diagnosis. I'm not sure how many people with your diagnosis are on this forum. 
I would suggest you contact Robin McGee. She wrote  The Cancer Olympics.
(I reviewed her book for my blog.) She did a lot of research into her colon cancer. She was on a colostomy bag. She explains treatment options, as well. She is located in the Maritimes.

I would also suggest you read my post about questions for your physicians.
Questions to ask your physician
My Handy Little Health Journal - book review

Let us know how you are doing. 
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Reply by JennJilks
31 Dec 2017, 4:04 PM

Surviving Colorectal and Thriving With an Ostomy for 29 years; a interview
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Reply by Tsunami living
25 Jan 2018, 6:33 PM

Good morning Dannigirl72, thank you for sharing personal medical problems. I am new to this forum but far from new with dealing with cancer or illness. (my mother died from cancer) My wife is much like you she was born in 71 became a nurse to help people where she worked on surgical and medical floors. She has end stage 4 cancer that started in her bowel. (but is not bowel cancer) Your absolutilly right in finding the best treatment that works for you or you may choice not to have some treatments. The Cancer surgeon that sat us down to let my wife know what she had was very forward with the idea that the cancer clinic would offer all sorts of ideas but always keep your agenda first. He new this personally as his own daughter died of breast cancer two years later.  Since my wife was diagnosed she has had x2 bland embolizations, radiation on the liver, x3 bowel rections and more. She had obstructions weekly before she stopped eating lettuce (turns to slime and does not go through the bowel easily as other foods go by it.) At the start we were away from home and she was doing a level 3 Wound care course. The night of the first day I had to call an ambulance to the hotel to transport her to hospital. She was gluten free at the time and the Hotel food had gluten in it by mistake which help rupture her bowel. We spent the next eight days trapped there in that city because of her condition, bad weather not allowing  flights and ferries where not working.    Its been a tough road and like you, she spent most of her life the person standing beside the hospital bed and now she is in it more. I strongly believe her will to live, a positive mind her diet and old fashion horse shoes has brought her this far. But they have done everything they could do so now we are down to pain managment, sunshine and lollypops! Stay away from bloating foods, pretend your have IBS! Secondly lots of tea, the warm fluid keeps the bowel moving and with that eat 4-5 times a day but keep the meals small so that there is less pressure on the weak points of the bowel. Keep moving, use a tread mill, go for a short walk what ever but keep moving. Think of a baby with colic and how much pumping their legs forces their bowels to move the trapped gas and stool through the large intestine... I hope this is a bit of help. If you have any questions I can help you with please feel free to ask. I will give you an idea of what we did and or my wife will respond to you. She,s a tough nurse  Im sure much like you. She had to sit the whole time in a chair but before x-mass she was invited and did a presentation for a medical conferance on Pain managment and the pallitive. 

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