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Floundering around 
Started by Debbieo
07 Feb 2018, 10:04 PM

This is my introduction post I guess.  My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in October and since then, our whole lives have been turned upside down as I’m sure everyone can relate to.  We have gone through chemo and radiation and it has been rough.  I adore my husband but I feel like he has been abducted and replaced by someone I don’t know.  He doesn’t communicate with me or anyone and he has said many hurtful things, which is very unlike him.  Some days it is almost impossible to cope with this without wanting to scream.  I have no support and am really doing it alone.  His adult children have been very uninvolved and less than helpful.  My relatives live away from here and we don’t really have many close friends here.  Sorry if it all sounds like I am whingeing, this has been building up for a long time.  I talked to the counsellor from Cancer Care who was supposed to call me back, but of course, she never did.  Since we are done treatment, I don’t even have the nurses to talk to.  The next step is a pet scan and then we see where we go from there.  If anyone has any advice for dealing with the patient and holding on to their sanity I would appreciate it. 
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