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Support for parents of a murdered child 
Started by Roy70
03 Oct 2012, 2:56 PM

I am looking for support for a friend who is dealing with the murder of her daughter. Is there anyone out there with experience in this situation, or who can offer any suggestions where to seek help.
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Reply by TrueHeart
03 Oct 2012, 10:00 PM

Hi Roy
How tragic. The loss of a child is always difficult, and somehow seems so unfair, but it is doubly hard when a mother has to go through more pain and agony as a result of the legal battle that goes with the territory of an arrest/trial/sentencing.
My cousin's daughter was murdered 12 years ago, and her 3 year old son was a witness.
My cousin sought help through victim's services; and her family doctor arranged counseling for both herself and her grandson. It was 2 years before they made an arrest, and then the court proceedings were torturous...so the pain, grief and trauma was extended way beyond her daughter's death.
I remember my cousin also got a lot of support through an internet message board and even became quite good friends with others with similar experiences.

Warm regards and best wishes, TrueHeart

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Reply by Roy70
04 Oct 2012, 10:19 AM

Hi TrueHeart
Thanks for the reply. Luckily there will be no legal battles to go through, since it was a murder/suicide, I have heard stories of how horrible that experience can be.
Would it be possible to get more details of the message board you mentioned?
That is my idea to get her connected with others with similar experiences.

Best wishes and thanks again, Roy70 
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Reply by TrueHeart
04 Oct 2012, 12:13 PM

Good morning Roy,

My cousin searched around for bereavement boards. She didn't find a board devoted to her situation. She did, however, encounter others who had similar experiences. If memory serves correctly, she came across a post from another grieving mother, who had recently lost her daughter in a car crash. They really did help each other out, even though their daughters died under different circumstances.
Remember, this was 12 years ago and now, there are more available resources than ever.
Have your friends been in touch with Victim's Services? Are they getting any counseling? Your friends probably need all the help and support that they can find. You are indeed a good friend for trying to help them during this time of need.
Warm regards and best wishes, TrueHeart
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Reply by Roy70
04 Oct 2012, 1:06 PM

Good morning TrueHeart,

Thanks..never heard of Victims Services, just emailed them, not sure if they can help, since the murder was in Europe. Yes they are getting couselling and yes they will need lots of support for a long time.
Will keep in  touch...Roy70

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