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Started by Wingman
06 Nov 2017, 3:55 AM

I should be raking your leaves. They litter the ground in layers now, the seasons are turning.

I should be taping up your sunroom.

The nights are getting colder now and the winds seeps in to your living space, the pellet stove is great but the winter has not yet come, we are stuck in between the seasons. But still, I should climb the ladder and tape the room.

I should pull the carriage in. Your anitque on the lawn will be damaged by the fall dampness....the seat should probably be repaired, I will look for someone to do that.


The colours aren't as brilliant this year - I remember how the trees were illuminated from underneath before, how they held a glorious light from within.

I remember how they jumped from the ditches along your road, how they lit the way to your house.

But wait......

I remember the "For Sale" sign on your home.

I remember the rain on the day the successful bidders came to take their new wares from your home, your lifetime of collections.

I remember taking care of things for you - the appointments;

                                                     did the doctor just say that !?

                                                    The house ;

                                                      never mind, I can fix that garage door for you.

                                                     The farm ;

                                                       yes, I have already wrapped your horse's legs.

I should be doing these things.

How did this happen?

How is it that you have been gone so long?

I sometimes wonder if this is for real.

Missing you.

rest well friend.



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Reply by MikeGold_admin
10 Nov 2017, 6:46 PM

That was beautiful, Wingman. Thank you for sharing. 

I wanted to introduce myself here as one of the two new discussion forum admins. My name is Mike Goldberg and I'm the Community Outreach and Education Coordinator with Palliative Manitoba. It has been a privilege to be working in the field of grief and loss for over two years now and I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you in this new venue.

Thank you to everyone who makes this forum a special and safe place to communicate about such important matters.

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