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Reply by Carlyn
28 Jul 2015, 3:09 PM

eKim, thank you so much for sharing your experience. 

I have a few thoughts. It feels strange to talk about this out loud so to speak. I sincerely hope this doesn't offend or upset anyone.

I've heard and read a fair bit on this sort of thing about children. Apparently I was similar when very young. I've had a thing or two since during my life but in form of dreams that came true.

My sister's first born son, at around the same age (3), used to cry and continually say he wanted to go home. My sister was trying everything to understand and calm him but he persisted. He would get very upset at times, out of the blue. One day there was something on tv, there was an American flag waving, and he pointed and said "there! I want to go home there!" Once he reached age 5 all of this stopped. We still don't know.

There used to be a large NDE website you could read stories of individual NDEs, some were from children. I can't remember what it was called. Anyway, what your grandson shared, I've read things like that before quite a bit. It seems normal to me.

For me, your story resonated personally because that's exactly how I picture or believe where pets and animals go. In a forest, with all the others, to play together. This was just my imagination, something I thought up after my pets died, to help deal with it, let them go etc. I don't know....I personally love forests too so it could just be odd coincidence just as easily as any afterlife thing.

I tend to be very careful with this stuff because there are some who use this sort of thing to prey on others. That's primary reason I think I never talk about it unless in safe company. Even then, I mean what do you say? It's just something I feel I know exists based on a lot more than I've said here and that's it. Kind of same as those who believe in a religion and swear by it. I don't but I mean, that's ok, I have my own beliefs which comfort me. 

Thanks so much for sharing your story with me eKim. I loved it :-) Kids under age 4 or 5 i've read ... that's when these things tend to come out if they're going to. Could be imagination, could be real insight, no way to prove.

By the way, my younger brother had an imaginary friend when he was little for several years. Called him George, lived in his ear apparently. :-)  He grew out of it and is fine today. He's 46! No imaginary friends, that I know of anyhow.lol :-)  

There is a movie which, when I saw it felt like "that's it" and I used it actually to help my Mom prepare to pass. I used the ideas of it to help her feel at ease I mean. It's called "Made in Heaven", features Timothy Hutton and Debra Winger, 1987.  

I am the only person in my family, since my sister died, that is spiritual in this way - not belonging to any church, interested in Buddhism if any religion, but mainly just believing there is something spiritual to life regardless of beliefs, boundaries, doctrines etc. It's nice to have a place to talk about it a bit. Thanks eKim.

Does any of this help? 
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Reply by eKIM
29 Jul 2015, 1:49 AM

Hi Carlyn
You stated:

I think primarily I need other people to connect with who understand, who are safe emotionally and psychologically, who don't mind if I'm independent and it's ok for me to be myself while needing support.

I think that you have done a good thing by reaching out to people on Virtual Hospice.  The anonymity of Virtual Hospice is wonderful because you don’t have to hold back anything.  No one knows who you are and your deepest thoughts are held as a sacred trust by all of who post comments here.

You can be yourself and no one judges you.  The truly compassionate people that you find on Virtual Hospice are people who are able to accept the other person unreservedly.

Writing out your thoughts and feelings can be healing and cathartic if you know that you have compassionate people who “hear” what you are saying. 

Getting responses from a variety of people is important.  You can pick and choose what resonates with you.

There are very qualified people in your community that can provide professional care for you. There are also expert professionals that you can access through Virtual Hospice as well – ask Katherine for help with this. 

It is not the role of “ordinary” people at Virtual Hospice to provide answers, but sometimes just having someone to listen to you is helpful and comforting.

Keep us updated with your health and your concerns.

- eKim

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Reply by Carlyn
29 Jul 2015, 2:07 AM

Thanks very much eKim, I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

Actually a few people do know who I am but I'm okay with that. I'm mostly careful online for personal security purposes. Getting to know others is enjoyable for me.

A variety of responses would be excellent. However I think a new thread on this might be necessary if others do respond. This thread isn't about my questions and I don't want to overtake the topic focus.

These forums and this site have a wealth of info and i've barely scratched the surface. I'd like to take more time reading. A lot of my concerns have probably been raised by others elsewhere and that would be helpful to read. I'm looking forward to reading more as I'm able.

If I don't find my specific concerns raised anywhere, I'll make a new post.

Thanks again eKim.  
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Reply by laceybeck982
21 Mar 2016, 9:11 AM

That is really great post .......

 Harsimrat Kaur Badal
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Reply by Marymary
10 Feb 2017, 12:51 AM

Hi - love the subject you both are speaking about.  I so dont want to offend anyone either but hopefully helps or gives a calm / peace to some.  so i understand NOT all are open

if i can share something with you all, kinda up that alley:

my nephew (18) at that time went to junk yard to get parts for his car with my bro & he was the one who wanted to get underneath the car which was on cement blocks to get the parts himself whereas my brother was experienced.  anyway the whole car fell on him, (600 lbs+) anyway took almost 13-14 mins for ambulance to get there, my nephew had no heart beat/pulse at all for almost 5 mins.  ambulance took him to hospital an dr's checked him thoroughly and nothing was wrong with him except some bruising on chest, they kept him in stating something has to be wrong with him, somethings got to come up. you cant have a car land on your body specifically chest an nothing be wrong.  He was there for two & half days they did every kinda scan on him an test to be sure before drs let him go.

Anyway he asked if he could talk to me an said I'm really ok aunty an the reason I'm ok is because Nana had me an was holding my hand & I just knew I was going to be ok.  His nana passed away 8 yrs before.  he said he was like in a tunnel no light an she yanked him into an alcove an held his hand no talking just a real calm and a knowing.  I thought this was so sool & he knows I was and open to this discussion & knew I wouldnt judge him. Now $0 yr) and he is a police officer.

Just to show he was helped & thats not just it. 
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Reply by victoria01
14 Feb 2017, 4:08 AM

This is something that we need to think about seriously. Is there a life after a life? Well, I od think there is. The life after, where everything is forever. This is just a temporary pahse in our life, here. 
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Reply by KathCull_admin
03 Mar 2017, 6:06 PM

Welcoome victoria01
Thanks for posting. How did you hear about this discussion forum?

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