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Caregiving – A Balancing Act 
Started by KathCull_admin
04 Apr 2015, 5:40 PM

The Canadian Caregiver Coalition writes, “Balancing act” is defined as “a difficult situation in which you try to achieve several different things at the same time.

This is the reality of 6.1 million employed Canadians who must balance their personal commitments, caregiving duties, and work responsibilities. For these family caregivers, the time and physical demands are often equivalent to working two full time jobs. This balancing act impacts a family caregiver’s financial, emotional and personal well-being. Not only do family caregivers and patients experience negative consequences, there is an enormous impact on Canadian employers and our economy.”
Balancing Acts as told by members of our community
"Nothing in life prepares you for this. The long, lonely, isolated road most of us travel.  The gradual erosion of your previous life.  The equally gradual realization that you have to find a new version of life for yourself.  You must do this while taking care of the person you love so dearly, but can't really include them in this part of your journey.  It could be your future. It's important.~by Oldbat
John's eyes shone brighter blue on a fairly pain free day telling me "It's OKAY" to reassure me he was able to get through the day and take some worry off my shoulders." ~by Xenia
Caregivers willingly put their lives on hold.~by Brayden
Caregivers don't ask for the responsibility of caregiving....they just do it. It’s not to brag, or show off that they do it - it’s to comfort, sooth, protect, love, those that need care. Caregiving is something that you have deep inside you.  You cannot disregard the strong need to protect, love, support and comfort a patient, a loved one. It is part of who we are.  There is great satisfaction in helping someone else - with everything from bathing, meal preparation, outings, adding excitement, joy, laughter - quality of life is basically what caregiving is...adds immeasurably to someone’s life.~by NatR
I have found that being the primary caregiver for my wife throughout her critical illness has been both physically and emotionally exhausting  - as well as socially isolating. Caregivers need care too.
Our universal health care system looks considerably less so when you compare the quality of care affluence can purchase for chronically ill and dying individuals, with the care able to be provided in public institutions. 
When the ones we care for are no longer able to make sense of their lives, it remains our task as caregivers to provide that meaning through the quality and dignity of our caring and presence.  It is the final gift we are able to give to those we love. It is no easy task.~by Jimmie
What is your balancing act?
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