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In Honour of Care - A Poem Dedicated to Care Givers and Care Receivers  
Started by Cath1
04 Apr 2012, 3:28 PM

In honour of Care 
 A Poem Dedicated to Care Givers and Care Receivers

I had a sad day and someone reached into my heart and soothed the pain

Through a loving gift offered without any thought of personal gain or glory

My story was heard as the person listened to me cry in words and rage

Without asking why I could not stop the feelings inside that filled the page

No pressure to hide from myself or others my healing began

With the touch of a gentle hand and a warm embrace of an adjective no less

Stress relieved through the grace of another whose heart was with me

To offer a description, a smile, an experience to share out in the open with me

Yet with respect for my privacy while hoping the care would be well received

Giving me the courage to weep the tears locked deep within and buried with pride

My fears that once shocked me to silence began to subside, set free like a butterfly

Am I, flying away to a land of acceptance where denial is no longer required

My spirits lifted, I felt strongly inspired to face the truth of my sorrow

Knowing that today I will weep but tomorrow I will give back to another in need

Care is given and then received and the cycle begins anew, how true and

How beautiful the souls of those who reach out to dispel the fears and pain

To quiet the doubt haunting us like ghost in the rain even in daylight with sun shining

Even when pining for those we love is unbearable in the memories that hurt so much

I am healing with the soft and welcome touch of a human being who cares as deeply as do I

The tears I cry cleanse the emotions and dry the mist from my swollen eyes as I mourn

The day is reborn and it dawns on me, so am I, until the darkness returns to suddenly claim me, again

When my sorrow is not so easily tamed or consoled and I am told that I will be ok in time and with help

I believe it myself whenever I see the expression on the faces of family and strangers who care for me

Knowing there will be a time I will reach out to them with my hand and my heart to give comfort

To another, if not to them, as the seeds of healing are now firmly planted and the sun shines again

My tears will water the roots of my sorrow until it grows into a sturdy vine of compassion and grace

Where the empty space I am feeling is filled with hope and faith because I was cared for so well

Freeing me from the lonely and cold prison where mourners dwell, too often alone and despairing

Caring is what life is all about, no doubt, for me and for all, restored to health in our garden of graces

Kind care is written all over our faces because we have cared and have been cared for

Giving care and receiving it well, creates a new place for sad souls to dwell and to spread like weeds

The good news, for in the hell of sorrow where uncertainty lives we meet heavenly, caring companions.


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Reply by NatR
05 Apr 2012, 4:45 PM

thank you for sharing that poem from the heart Cath1,

I agree that caring and loving others is what matters most to us as individuals.
Your words are wonderful.
We are all going to give, need and know caregivers.  Without caregivers where would we all be?

Wishing you a peaceful Easter weekend.

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Reply by Tian
06 Apr 2012, 3:01 PM

Cath1, you express youself as beautifully as the person you are.
We are all in this together.
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Reply by Cath1
06 Apr 2012, 3:20 PM

Thank you both Nat and Tian!;-) ;-)

Yes, we are all care givers and takers - I love the balance and need it - as I have issues sourrounding the power imbalances created sometimes when carers in my and my Mom's past have been like vampires sucking from us the pain we have felt to feed from it.

Here the care we give and receive is unlike any other. There are no expectations or impositions placed upon us or others. We are free to express our truth which is vital to healing. We listen and strive to understand, we are heard and accepted as we are, We all genuinely and wholeheartedly care.

Care when given freely from a place of authentic humility and humanity helps more than words can ever explain no matter how eloquently they may be composed. I am in awe of everyone here for their capacity to give so freely of themselves and to accept the help offered knowing that no matter which role we happen to play in any given moment, we are not bound to another by an unhealthy sense of indebtedness which ironically makes us all feel forever grateful.

Thank you and Happy Easter to you and all here on Virtual Hospice!:-)

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Reply by eKIM
12 Apr 2012, 11:04 PM

Hi Cath1. 

I just read your poem. 

I’m impressed.  It is very well done. 

It is extremely difficult to put to word, strongly felt emotions – but you succeeded. 

Can I share this (with attribution) with my fellow volunteers at the hospice?  - Ekim

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Reply by Cath1
13 Apr 2012, 12:19 AM

Hi Ekim:

Thank you very kindly for your message about my poem. Yes, please share with whomever you feel would relate to the sentiments I expressed. Please add an "s" to pluralize the word ghost (line 17). You will soon discover that when I am in a hurry or tired when writing I make typos routinely!;-)
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Reply by womynstar8
18 May 2013, 8:53 PM

Hi Cath1  As others have said, these emotions are very difficult to put into words, but you did a wonderful job.   And thanks for all of us who are both caregivers and care-receivers.

One note -- I don't see 'darkness' as a negative thing (although I realize that it is a common symbol for negativity in our culture).   For me, it is the soft velvet blackness that cradles me in rest and sleep; the inspiring 'reach to the stars' of a clear night that stretches my soul (as Anna, from "Mister God, This is Anna" would say -- daylight puts edges on everything; the night has no edges, nothing to stop one's soul from stretching as far as possible); the deepening darkness of dying, relieving one from life's suffering.

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Reply by womynstar8
18 May 2013, 8:57 PM

Hi Cath1,  I don't want to put you into an embarrasing situation, but I have a request -- and you are free to simply not answer if it is uncomfortable for you.    I would like to post your poem to http://beyonds.ca/Journeying/poetry.html  -- the poetry page for Journeying Beyond.
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