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Enjoy the Present.. Today:) 
Started by NatR
27 Sep 2012, 4:35 PM

Good morning 

Yesterday I was reminded of of how many times in life we are offered chances to experience something for perhaps the first time.  Sometimes we say, no- perhaps tomorrow! But it has become clear to me through personal experience that we should jump on the "merry-go-round" of life and reach out for the Gold Ring 

Today is all we have!  Tomorrow never comes and an opportunity to experience or enjoy  something  today - should be grabbed and squeezed! Hug your opportunity today!

Today is our life, today is our present - open it slowly admiring the wrapping, the ribbons and the anticipation of the surprise inside!

Follow your guts and instincts and go see that neighbour who is lonely and you are the only one they will see in their "present"  follow your gut and call that old friend who thought you forgot them completely.  Follow your heart and look up an old contact just because.... It is life changing to Live your Present - live today - 

I was thinking yesterday how often we now record video on phones and cameras - giving us opportunities to "delete and re-record" the moments of our lives.

Hit you Record button today, don't delete or do over  - just live this moment and this day!

i am thinking of many who write to the discussion forums and I hope that today you can live for yourself, live for your loved ones - they w would want you to do this.

I know there are countries where the spouse is expected to die on the burning pyre of their loved partner, I want to share my thoughts that honouring our loved ones would be better served by embracing today, our world, the people in it, the people who come and go from our lives.

Mourn their loss, they are important as we all are - their life mattered and their connection to you mattered.  But we all have to keep going...chin up as someone said to me last night.  Its hard to do that...chin up, ignore the feelings that rise out of the depths of your soul - from a place that you never thought existed.

 yesterday I heard about the passing of someone who was part of my life  - and that's why I am writing - to share my thoughts on embracing Life and yet remembering and honouring the past 
i hope somehow my words help.
sending best wishes to readers and Hoping today is a wonderful present to unwrap.

I apologise if my words are painful..I certainly don't wish to do that to anyone.  My feelings today are similar to yours...I cannot say exactly the same because we all have a different take, a different slant on everything that we go through in life.
I also don't know why the script changed in this note...you have to smile..some things are just beyond our control.
best wishes,
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Reply by Cath1
12 Oct 2012, 11:30 AM

Dear Natr:

Thank you for writing your thoughts and feelings about embracing life in the moment, however we happen to find it.

I'm sorry that someone in your life passed away. Death indeed causes us think about life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Here is a quote I like:

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice. " ~Indian Saying

Wishing you a happy day as you unwrap your present and I hope you realize that you are a gift to us all on the Virtual Hospice forums!:)

With affection -hugs- xo
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Reply by womynstar8
18 May 2013, 8:43 PM

Hi Cath1  your quote is also a chant that is used in Bedside Singing.
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Reply by sickness
07 Jun 2013, 2:06 AM

Hi NatR

those were soo true words!!  But I struggle everyday how would i do that...my husband is the one on palliative care and suffering.  How selfish would it be of me to go out with the girls...for ex. A friend asked me to come spend day with her at their cabin, or come to a show with her... I say sure..but I can't leave hubby.that joy just would not be fair!!   

So right now guess I treasure the stressful days in caring for him and for our family. 
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Reply by NatR
07 Jun 2013, 2:22 AM

Dear sickness,

my note from several months ago, is what you responded too, along with cath1 and womynstar8, and tonite you write back.

tonight I agree with you.
you are and have been doing what  you need to do for your husband - I get that totally.

i sense the strength in your words, the love you feel for your husband and how you cherish the time you share

i have a caregiving role too, but it's a long term one, much different - and therefore I guess what colours my thinking - we all do things the way we need to, and my words seem flippant now to me, so I hope you understand that ;)

recently I lost a family member too, who was at a distance - unable to be there every day.  It was my mom, and I wasn't able to be with her due to distance, cost, obligations etc.

I am glad I spent a whole 7 days with her a year ago, and have come to terms with the distance, my guilt, and her declining health.

thank goodness for kindness like yours, your ability to hear me and carry on doing what you need to do.  Your husband is fortunate - and I can tell you are devoted.

please know I appreciated your note tonight and am thinking of you.

please write when you can, and best wishes,
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Reply by sickness
07 Jun 2013, 3:31 AM


oh my goodness..to lose your mom that lives far from you....that must have been devastating!! But you got 7 precious days with her!   Treasure those memories.  I am sure the love was there...do not beat yourself up for things we cannot change!  You did what you could and you made those 7 days unforgettable!! 

You are in my thoughts and prayers

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Reply by NatR
07 Jun 2013, 11:39 AM

Hi Nadine,
appreciate your thoughts and prayers

i knew this was coming - dementia slowly took my mom - and yes the 7 days with her is what sticks in my mind, and several other visits I was able to make.

hope today is a really good day for you - and your husband
the sun is shining here, hope it's shining on you too!

appreciate interactions and  sharing :) 
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