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Borrowed Hope: by Eloise Cole 
Started by eKIM
24 Oct 2012, 1:34 AM

Borrowed Hope: by Eloise Cole

Lend me your hope for awhile,
I seem to have mislaid mine.

Lost and hopeless feelings accompany me daily.
Pain and confusion are my companions.

I know not where to turn. 
Looking ahead to the future times does not bring forth images of renewed hope.
I see mirthless times,
pain-filled days,
and more tragedy.

Lend me your hope for awhile,
I seem to have mislaid mine.

Hold my hand and hug me;
listen to all my ramblings.
I need to unleash the pain and let it tumble out.
Recovery seems so far distant;
the road to healing a long and lonely one.

Stand by me; offer me your presence.
Your ears and your love acknowledge my pain. It is so real and ever present.
I am overwhelmed with sad and conflicting thoughts.

Lend me your hope for awhile,
A time will come when I will heal and I will lend my renewed hope to others.
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Reply by KathCull_admin
31 Jan 2016, 4:48 AM

For many in this community the words of the poem above, "Lend me your hope for a while, I seem to have mislaid mine," are very true. In the midst of sickness and worry, hope fades and can be replaced with a sense of hopelessness, fear and uncertainty. But the words, support and caring of family and friends and other members here on the Virtual Hospice can help us to heal and renew our hope. 

For Caitee who wrote on  Struggling with my loss...., “Feeling guilty both because I'm dating and then feeling guilty for missing Kevin because I'm in love. I cry as I wrote this because I'm both sad and happy. Sad because this was most definitely not the way I wanted my life to be. But I am grateful that life has brought to me a man with a heart large enough to love me and Kevin’s children. We are all a family and together we will move forward.”

Hope has been renewed. 

Has your hope been mislaid? Renewed?  

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