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Thinking of Those Special Few 
Started by eKIM
04 Nov 2012, 2:38 PM

Thinking of Those Special Few

A friend of mine told me a story of a mentally challenged nephew who passed away.  She missed him dearly because, in his simplicity and sheer joy of life, he brought immeasurable goodness and love to his family and all those fortunate to have met him.  Her story caused me to reflect on all of those special ones that I have met throughout my life.

There are those around us who depend on the care of society in general, and on us specifically.

I have learned major “life lessons” from these wonderful people.

In our awkwardness and political correctness, we refer to them as the “challenged”.  In fact it is us who are challenged. 

We are challenged to pay attention to the lessons of love that they have to teach us.  I came across a sweet story that I’d like to share.  For all of you who have a special person in their lives, or perhaps have lost one, I hope this story gives you a measure of peace.

A man arrives in heaven and St. Peter is giving him a tour. They come to an area where spiritual entities are assembled

The man asks, “Who are these beings?”  St. Peter replies, “These are souls waiting to enter newborns on earth.” 

Later on they come across a much smaller group.  This group is bursting with excitement.  The man asked, “Why are these spirits so much more joyful?” 

St. Peter said, “These ones have been told that they will are going to newborns who will have physical and mental challenges.”  “How can that possibly make the spirits happy?” said the man. 

St. Peter answered, “They are excited because their role will be to teach others how to love.” 
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Reply by Plum1
13 Nov 2012, 10:28 PM

Dear eKim,
I have not been able to plug into the Forum for awhile, and on returning, it is very touching to read your reflection. I think of all that Jean Vanier has shared with us about those who are developmentally challenged. Yes, they are souls who have a special gift of spreading love, joy, and truth to us all. I can understand souls in heaven being eager to enter newborns who will have physical and mental challenges. What greater purpose in life than to share all that will bering greater life and positive energy!

You started your reflection with a reference to those who need the help of society and ourselves to go on living. As I spend a great deal of time with my aged parents my Mom is 101 years old), realizing how much they need the tender care of all who can be available to them, I see how much love they are spreading while physically limited. While they were always very loving, they now clearly and spontaneously spread the energy of gratitude and love with even greater intensity(I love you!) It is as though they are claiming this most basic and needed energy of the wolrld. How could creation continue to develop and evolve without such energy!  And it comes most powerfully from the vulnerable, quiet corners of humanity.

I am filled with gratitude!
Plum 1
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Reply by eKIM
14 Nov 2012, 1:06 AM

Thank you for your very heart-felt and insightful response Plum 1.  Your comments inspired me to start a new topic named: The Hospice Love Phenomena.  I hope you read it and I look forward to your insight.  - eKim


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