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Do you know how precious and loveable you are? 
Started by eKIM
02 Dec 2012, 5:10 PM

Do you know how precious and loveable you are?
A sweet, tender soul lay in her bed at hospice.  She was in her nineties.  There was no husband and there were no children by her side – she had been single her whole life.  Her inner beauty shone about her like a celestial light.  I was drawn into her orbit.  
Is it possible to love people instantaneously?  I say yes.  It happens to me all the time.  It seems easy and natural to me.  Knowing the correct response is the difficult part.
She was the kind of person that you wish you could have known your entire life.
Over several weeks I visited her, held her hand, listened to her story and sang to her.  I would tell her that she was so precious and so loveable.  She would not reply, she simply looked at me.  
The last time I saw her I said, “You are a true innocent, aren’t you?  You have absolutely no idea how precious and loveable you are, do you?”  She replied, “Well, you seem to think I am.” 
I was unable to return to hospice for two weeks because I didn’t want to spread the very bad cold that I came down with.  Two weeks later when I finally did return, I learned that my sweet friend had passed away.   
I mourn the passing of this wonderful lady that I barely knew.  My sadness is conquered by my great joy in having had her pass through my life.  
God bless and keep you sweet lady.  Please, look for my Mom up there and tell her that you met her child.
Butterflies don’t know the beauty of their wings.
Butterflies can see beauty around them,
yet they have no idea how beautiful they are themselves.
People don’t know the beauty of their hearts.
People can love the precious people and things around them,
yet people have absolutely no idea how precious, and loveable they are themselves.
Don’t just see the beauty in others – tell them.
For some, it is the only way that they will know.
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Reply by Cath1
02 Dec 2012, 9:39 PM

Dear eKIM:

You cannot possibly know how touched I am to read your beautiful message today. It arrived straight in my heart and reached deep within me to give me comfort! Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story that is to me layered with meaning and poignancy.

My landlady passed away last night and I just heard this news today as I was posting here a message to someone else in the forum.

Like your sweet and innocent friend, my landlady was childless and though she did have a husband, he too was unwell, though living at home, and was not able to be by her side when she passed away. I learned as well that my landlady will be buried in the same graveyard as my late Mom and her service will be held on the second anniversary of my Mom's death, this Wednesday, December 5th.

Butterflies are the symbol I most associate with my Mom. They signify to me not only beauty but transformation and freedom from the suffering in the world. I love your message about people not knowing fully their significance to others as I believe more often than not it is so true. It was true of my Mom and of my landlady. It is true of me.

It is very important to express our love to all those who touch our hearts and expand our awareness whenver we can, even if they pass through our lives only briefly, and especially to those with whom we share the intimate and sacred experiences of our lives.

Your message is a gift I receive today with gratitude. I hope you know that I see how loveable and beautiful is your heart, eKIM! Thank you for being here with me today. I am touched by your spirit and your healing presence.

With affection -hugs- -xo-
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Reply by eKIM
03 Dec 2012, 12:03 AM

I am happy that you were touched by these words, Cath1.  I suppose part of our motivation, as we contribute to Virtual Hospice, is that we can give comfort to others.

While it is true that some people come into our lives for a very special reason and at a very special time, this phenomena cannot be extrapolated to include all who we meet.  In fact, other than to consume oxygen and take up space, we wonder at the purpose and the presence of some of the people that we encounter. 

It was a coincidence that my words found you at just the right time.  Someone said to me, “There is no such thing as a coincidence.”  My reply is, “Yes there is.”  If you go looking for a meaning for everything that happens, you will drive yourself crazy; either that or people will think that you are.  Sometimes “stuff” just happens.

However there are occasions when things happen that seem to have us willingly accept our own credulity, have us readily accept the quality of naivety and bask in the glory of our child-like innocence.  We all love coincidences that perpetuate wonder and awe.

A friend once told me that the definition of a coincidence was, “God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  Even without being religious, I kinda like that.

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Reply by Cath1
03 Dec 2012, 11:59 AM

Dear eKIM:

I love your friend's definition of a coincidence! I do see meaning in everything and yes I can drive myself and others crazy as I analyze coincidences to decipher their special messages. I should have been a spy!:) As for people thinking I may be crazy, that's ok. I think I am like a butterfly, a free spirit aloft in a world of mystery.

Your words to me were a happy coincidence and my heart interpreted them as a sign from Angels that everything is as it should be despite my resistance.

Thank you again, eKIM!:)

With affection -hugs- -xo-
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