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This I know from my Father 
Started by moderator | modératrice
09 Jun 2013, 1:49 AM

Let's share stories to remember and celebrate our fathers.

This I know from my Dad....


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Reply by Loll
16 Jun 2013, 8:10 PM

I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago, so this is a hard Fathers Day for me.  Im remembering all the good things about him and all his little tidbits of wisdom.  when I was young and started wearing makeup, he noticed I put on a little too much.  He used to say "If uh our makeup takes you more than 5 minutes to put on, you're wearing too much".  He was right, and I now use that same line on my daughter who is the the same age I was when I started experimenting with make up.  How does  a man, who would have been 50 at the time in 1982, know this?  ell, I think my dear old Dad knew just about everything.  I miss you, Daddy.  Happy Fathers Day and please tell Grandpa, too.
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