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Quote: Feeling the presence of a departed loved one. 
Started by eKIM
01 May 2014, 4:54 PM

“There are a few precious times in our life when we experience things that cannot be explained by logic, or reasoning.  If you pay close attention, they can impact your life in ways that you cannot imagine.”  - unknown

My mother passed away many years ago; yet every so often, I feel the presence of my Mom.  It is as though she’s looking down on me saying, “Hey, my child, you haven’t thought of me in a while.”  Invariably, this feeling will be accompanied by a fond memory shared.

Among other things (despite my not being a church-goer), I feel reassured that there is an existence after our Earthly lives.  Thoughts of reunion with loved ones causes me to fear not my own mortality.

I have been told by many people that they can feel the presence of a loved one, long after they have passed away. 

These stories are so common that one must remain open-minded about them.  Do you have any such stories to share?   ~ eKim

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Reply by marstin
04 May 2014, 2:43 PM

Twenty five years ago I had a near death experience and as I drifted farther and farther away from this life, I felt such peace and love. As I stopped breathing I felt so calm with all that was happening. Since then I have not feared death as I know how peaceful it can be.

So often after Len and my Mom passed away we had many things happen that made us believers that they were still close by. We would smell Len's scent just out of the blue, our dog would play in the middle of the night with someone at Len's side of the bed, there were shadows that would startle us and there were the feelings of someone touching us or carressing our hair. I think the more humorous things that happened were connected to my insensitive brother who came over a few times to fix lights that weren't working and felt the need to put Len down. The first time he was testing the voltage in one and his machine broke. The second time he was trying to see why a different light wasn't working and was again bad mouthing Len and in my mind I was thinking 'Oh you shouldn't say that', when all of a sudden the tube bulb came flying out of the end of the fixture and smashed into pieces on the floor. He was so surprised and said 'I didn't see that coming' and I smiled and in my mind I said ' Oh, I could'.

I have seen little birds hanging around near my front door who do not fly away when I walk near them, a beautiful yellow and black butterfly (so rare around here these days) float past my face and I feel my Mom's presence. Even a bird that my Dad (who passed away 6 years ago) used to whistle like has just this spring come to live in my area and sing to me daily when I walk outside.

My list goes on and on and when I'm hitting very low moments I find often that I feel a sudden warmth come over me to remind me that I'm not alone. As I face the final few months in this home I look in wonder at a dogwood tree that Len kept threatening to cut down because it wouldn't grow flowers, suddenly this year fill with flowers for the very first time. I smile knowing that his dream is coming true.

Although I do not feel the presence of my loved ones as much now as I did in the beginning, I believe it is that they know that I don't need as much help now as I did then. Still, they come to me at random moments and I know that they are with me.

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