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Quote: The poignancy of hope. 
Started by eKIM
30 May 2014, 2:06 PM

“Hope not for the next moment.  Hope that the present moment is the best it can be.”    - unknown

 Is this quote simply a philosophical musing, or does it have a practical application?  Can anyone offer some enlightenment?   ~ eKim

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Reply by Sue B
04 Jun 2014, 4:11 PM

Hi eKim,
I would say that it has a practicle application. This moment is all we really have.
The past is passed. We cannot get it back or change it (and in most cases that's a good thing). The future is a mystery that we just can't forsee. ANYTHING could happen.
But right now, this minute, this heartbeat, is real. And this moment is what we have some kind of control over. This moment we can choose to smile. This moment we can choose to be calm (well ... calmer, anyway). This moment we can choose whatever we want to be or do.
Now I'm not saying that these choices are easy. Switching your mind around to choosing like this is HARD! But it's worth it in the end. And really all life is is a series of moments stitched together with memory in someones heart.
Hope this helps,
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