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Quote: A woman, her gratitude and her joy 
Started by eKIM
17 Jul 2014, 5:27 PM

“She was damn happy to be alive.
She didn’t have millions in the bank.
She wasn’t at the top of the
corporate ladder and still her deepest
dreams, though she pursued them
hadn’t yet come true. But still 
she was damn happy to be alive.
She had people to love; a roof over
her head; she had all the essentials
for living; water, gas electricity,
food; she could appreciate the flowers 
blooming, the sun beaming and the skies
blessing. She had good books to read. 
She spoke to the moon at night. She often 
had a good sing in the shower. And she
lived her life with a touch of her own style.
The world’s mindless noise went quiet at the 
sight of her relentless joy.”  --S.C Lourie

 As I read this quote, I couldn’t help but think of the sweet, courageous women that I know who have undergone what to me seems like an unbearable tragedy – the loss of a spouse. 


I admire the resilience of women.  In overcoming tragedy – as they walk their new path - they seem not only to survive, but to thrive in their new roles.  Surely some reinvention takes place, but I suspect that the some of their strength comes from great love shared and to be shared.  Do men do as well in similar circumstances?  I wonder.  Can anyone offer some insight?  ~ eKim

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