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A Heartfelt Thank you

In September of 2004 my wife Pamela, at the age of 59, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Pamela spent a week in ICU on dialysis when the decision was made to move her to palliative. That is when I, and my family, met an incredible human being, Dr. John Seely. Pamela only lived for another four days but in that short time the obvious care, concern and attention that Dr. Seely freely expressed was remarkable. Dr. Seely shared with me the meaning or use of the furrow in Pamela's brow and the fact that he didn't like that it was there and that more medication was appropriate to relieve any stress / discomfort that Pamela might be experiencing. Dr. Seely, and the team that he created at the Ottawa General are remarkable. I thanked Dr. Seely the day after Pamela died and told him that this world is a better place because of him and people like him. To his children and family, you should be extremely proud of what your father has accomplished and know that there are many people / families like me and mine that will never forget what he did for our loved ones.