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Losing a Father

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer last year and had a Colostomy on May 30, 2015. Even if I worked in another country, I traveled back home 4 times last year and stayed home for about 3 weeks to a month each time because I knew that soon he will leave us, every minute with him was a gift. I am not rich, I don't have much money. But because I love him so much I sacrificed many things just to be back home and be with my family. On April 14 my mom messaged me that he has not been able to eat for 2 days and she is bringing him to the hospital. I booked my flight ticket right away and got to the hospital the next day, Apr 15, Friday. At 9 pm, I was already beside him in the hospital. When he saw me his smile was priceless, I will never forget that smile. I didn't leave him, I told him I love him so much, I told him stories. I took care of him. On Sunday morning, Apr 17, based on the abdominal X-ray, the doctor said he needs to have a surgery as his small intestine is completely blocked. On the same day at 7 pm, I sent him to the Operating Room. I bid him good luck on the operation and told him he'll be alright. At 9:30 the surgery was finished. I fetched him from the OR at 10:00 pm. He was not breathing on his own and had to be put on a ventilator. And within a few minutes, he had a cardiac arrest. The doctors tried their best to revive him but then it was his time to leave. My world fell apart when my father died. But I know my mom needs me and my family needs me to be strong. My father fought a good fight. He was very brave until the end. It is very difficult to let go. I am still coping with the loss of my father. But I know that God is good, He never left my Dad. I know that he is in heaven now with the Lord. I thank God for giving me a wonderful father and for his promise of eternal life.