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Love is the greatest healer

I have dealt with many losses in my life, starting with my birth in war-torn Cambodia. Two weeks ago on May 16, 2017 my beloved uncle, Clair Goodwin, died in the presence of me and other family members. We witnessed his last breath as he left this world peacefully.

This is my first significant loss through death of a loved one. My heart feels the pain and sorrow that, inevitably, we all must encounter at some point.

Although his life cannot be fully expressed in a few short paragraphs, I shall say this: he showed me his courage to love purely and be loved in return.

My bond and deep affection to him since childhood truly stood the test of strength and resilience. The nearly three months I helped care for him in his time of need was the greatest honour of my life. It is an eternal gift.

How I will miss and love him forever & always!