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second time around

In 2009 my lower left lung was removed. The cancer had been caught by accident in an xray. Did not involve any lymph nodes, wasn't an aggressive type. Chemo or radiation wasn't needed.

Now, 2012, it's reared it's ugly head again. This time involving a small amount of lymph nodes. A lung biopsy wasn't successful in determining what type or how far it had spread, and Dr. said he won't put me through that again, it's too potentially life threatening. Petscan, showed lymph nodes with some irregularities, but nothing outside the left lung so far. my Dr. says surgery would destroy my quality of life, so, i will undergo either Chemo or radiation. Waiting for my first app't.

I'm trying to find information about treatments. So I am searching online. to be con't

By: Gabby