Integrated Palliative Care

AuteurJeroen Hasselaar & Sheila Payne (editors)

This text is an account of integrated palliative care, illustrated by real-life international stories from patients and family caregivers.  Integrated palliative care involves bringing together administrative, organizational, clinical and service aspects in order to achieve continuity of care between all people involved in the care network of patients receiving palliative care. It aims to achieve quality of life and a well-supported dying process for the patient and the family in collaboration with all the caregivers, paid and unpaid.

This book is essential reading for all those undertaking studies in palliative care.  The book provides:
- European context of palliative care development
- Stories  from  patients  and  family  caregivers  about  their  experiences of integrated palliative care from five countries
- Highlights  of  the  factors  that  facilitate  and  are  barriers  to  integrated palliative care

This  book  highlights  the  topic  of  integrated  care  in  the  context  of  palliative  care.  The  book  is  based  upon  the  work  of  the  EU-FP7  project  ‘integrated  supportive  &  palliative  care’  (InsupC    grant  no:  305555).    The  dissemination  package  of  this  project  also  includes  an  online  learning  programme.  Further  materials  can  be  found at

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