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Stage IV breast cancer coping with living 
Créé par Hope4all
01 août 2017, 22 h 47

I just joined. I am looking to speak with other stage 4 breast cancer people. I was diagnosed early in the year denovo and I am on hormone therapy. I go for scans tomorrow and am full of anxiety. I feel foolish for even worrying. The end result is going to be death one way or another, but as I started taking the medication and dealing with the side effects, day to day life went on. I know there is no cure and this can be treated for awhile but no one knows for sure and how do you cope with living with that?
Réponse de KathCull_admin
02 août 2017, 0 h 21

Hi Hope4all
Welcome.  The group of people on this forum who have serious illness is never very large and right now I am not aware of anyone who is posting.  I am wondering if you have heard of Cancer Chat Canada? This might put you more in touch with people who are in similar circumstances to your own.

I wonder if this article might offer you some resources for coping Living with Limited Time: Exploring Feelings    

Do you have family and friends who are able to support you Hope4all? 
I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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