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dying from HIV/AIDS 
Créé par gordon guitard
18 déc. 2017, 3 h 15

I have been living with hiv?aids sine the spring of 1980  and am sick of all the diffrent drug regaments that the doctors keep on stuffing down my throat. after 5 yeard of serious thinking about the sicknesses and discomforts that i have  decidednti end my life against my doctors orders or all i get is back talk from one specialest or anothedr and no one will take me seriously , after 2 arrenpt at se;f tremanation im trying this way and if this doesnt pan outt then a subway train or a 9mm bullet to the head will be the only way to getr my final wishes .
Réponse de MikeGold_admin
19 déc. 2017, 17 h 11

Hi Gordon,

Thank you for sharing your extremely difficult story with us. Where are you located? If you are in Canada, then your health care providers are obligated to share information about Medical Assistance in Dying with you. Each province does it a little bit different so it would depend on where you're living. 

It seems as though you're not having much luck finding support from your health care providers at the moment. Can you identify anyone else as an advocate at this time? Do you have a counsellor or psychologist you can trust, to help support and advocate on your behalf? 

If you're feeling like you're going to act on your suicidal thoughts, please contact your local crisis services.
Réponse de gordon guitard
21 déc. 2017, 4 h 24

i am located in toronto ontario and i have been talking with a friend of mine who is a mental health worker for thw city of toronto, if she wasnt atound for me to lean on and talkto i would of killedd myself over a yeaar ago
Réponse de MikeGold_admin
26 déc. 2017, 19 h 19

Hi Gordon,

I'm happy to hear that you have a friend and mental health worker that cares about you. Would this person be able to advocate on your behalf so that one of your health care team members can refer you to the MAID team in Toronto? Below is a document for individuals living in Ontario wishing to know more about MAID.

Please keep us apprised of your situation Gordon. 


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