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I never thought I'd be thankful for 
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12 oct. 2014, 18 h 33

It's Thanksgiving today.
People across the country are sharing meals, walks and stories, and giving thanks. However, there are times in life that take us by surprise. Things happen unexpectedly and it is only upon relection or retrospection that we can give thanks.

How would you complete this sentence?

I never thought I'd be thankful for _____________________.

Réponse de marstin
15 oct. 2014, 17 h 36

Wow, this is quite a difficult thing to answer, yet there are so many things that I never thought I would be thankful for. I am thankful for my two beautiful daughters who have weathered the storms with me. I am thankful to have known the deep love of a man who adored me no matter how miserable I could be. I am thankful that when I lost my Mom, my half sister reconnected with me and although she lives far away, we message each other almost daily. I never thought I would be thankful for my close family members causing me so much pain and deserting me when I needed them the most so that I had to learn to depend on no one but myself. I am thankful for the new circle of friends that I have found that love and support me for who I am, not who they think I should be. They taught me how to laugh again. I am thankful for my loving friends at a distance who have been supportive and loving through all of my ups and downs and still stayed true. I am thankful to be able to rediscover myself, to grow and feel pride in all that I have overcome. I never thought I would be thankful to just be alive but I am.

Réponse de jorola
16 oct. 2014, 0 h 29

Never thought I would be thankful for Mick talking non stop, LOL.

He's on dexamethasone for late effects of the radiation. Makes him a bit hyper and he talks non stop.
before his scan on Sept 9 we thought they were going to tell us that the cancer had spread and he onyl had a few months left so finding out it his symptoms were just a sideffect that was fixable was the best day ever! 4 weeks later and i am still giggling at him yapping away.
Réponse de Nouce
16 oct. 2014, 18 h 56

I really needed this prompt this week. It's been enormously hard to be thankful. I never thought I'd be thankful for being able to drive my spouse to a safe and friendly adult day care across town, through the gorgeous fall scenery.



Réponse de tuna
02 déc. 2014, 19 h 03

I am thankful for the homecare nurse who came to catheratize my husband. She was so kind. Just came in, saw his sitress and did it without asking alot of questions. What a dear. So thankful
Réponse de KathCull_admin
11 oct. 2015, 15 h 16

I never thought I would be the one receiving support through this amazing community - but I have! As April01 said on My soul mate all of you have helped me in so many ways - so unexpected. Thank you

Réponse de Nouce
12 oct. 2015, 11 h 05

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends north of the border! I'm thankful that because of my Canadian mother I have two opportunities to be grateful. And I'm thankful I grew up with indigenous people so I know why NOT to celebrate Columbus Day. And now I will remember to call my 87 year old aunt in BC.

Réponse de EastCoastPEI
12 oct. 2015, 11 h 12

It seems weird to say this but....I never thought I'd be thankful to have two parents die of cancer....

In perspective I have a good friend who got a phone call and found out his father dropped dead from heart failure.  He never got to say goodbye. He never got to have extra moments with his father.

I got to hold my father's hand while he was in bed and hear him Tell me he loved me and was proud of me...hadn't heard that from him in years...or ever?  

I literally had the conversation with my mother in palliative care where we said.. ' there anything we need to talk about? Anything you feel unresolved about ?" ....  And there was... And we did... And I'm very thankful for that....

Réponse de Razz
12 oct. 2015, 13 h 14

I never thought I'd be thankful for ____ my daughter being in hospital____ it's the only way she could get the bed rest and monitoring she needs.  At 8 mons. preganant with her second child she is living in an abusive domestic situation and her partner did not believe the doctor's and midwife when they said she deperately needed "rest" and that he needed to step up and take care of all the "house" stuff. He didn't.  Now he has to and is scrambling to coordiinate things.  It breaks my heart to think that things had to get to this point for that to happen but I can honestly say ....... today I'm grateful and thankful for the caring, compassionate and gifted professionals who understand the need for her to stay where she is.  

Réponse de borninfrance
18 janv. 2016, 20 h 03

I never thought Id be thankful for being able to help others. Mymother died very youndog cancer and she wasa beautiful personinside and out who taught empathycompassion and tolerance. ASa hospice volunteer and former caregiver we all need to be thankful for whta we can give to others at the time of need. Yesterday i help someones hand for an hour who was afraid. we just satt therein silence and when i was leaving she said that means more tome than anything money can buy. Its toobad people dont appreciate those things she said.

Now that meant more tome i bet that her. I feel so blessed tobe healthy enough of mind and spirit to be able to help others. I am acancer survivor, lost several realtives very young and everyday i am here I am honored to be able to share time with people in need  

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