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And now, today 
Créé par Wingman
18 avr. 2017, 23 h 36

Some days I try not to think.
It makes me question all.
This new world I adapt to now,
is fragile, it may fall.

So I went to the waters edge,
to mountains great and tall.
I stood between God's glories,
To my strength, on which to call.

And here, I have found my mind,
as still as still could be.
So perhaps, now for the moment
my soul will now be free.

This is not goodbye,
it is not letting go.
It is simply recongnition
of what you want me to know.

My world, it will continue
though yours is now so still.
I know this is your wish for me,
and in time, it will.

I've always been my best for you,
traits I had not known.
I thank you, friend, for knowing me,
my path, more clearly shown.

I am strong,
and I am safe...
this you need to know.
And I'll continue on my way,
the one that you have shown.

And so now, I thank you,
for what you've been to me.
I am strong,
I am changed.
I'll make you proud......'ll see.

Love and Peace.
Réponse de KathCull_admin
23 avr. 2017, 15 h 46

Thank you WM

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