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Meditation helps me get through my day 
Créé par jopatte
28 déc. 2017, 12 h 42

I am a caregiver and was offered a 3-night stay at the Golden Door in California after my business conference.

It changed my life in terms of my anxiety and how to cope with being a caregiver to my terminal ill husband.  Through yoga, meditation, spirtiual walks it taught me how to deal with all the changes in my life as a caregiver.

I find meditation each and every day helps clear my mind - I only do 10 minutes with an app called is the way I can cope each day. 

Réponse de CaroleD_admin
30 déc. 2017, 21 h 41

Hi jopatte,

Thank-you for sharing the success that you are having with meditation.  It helps for us all to hear what works for others and is a great reminder that we can drastically alter our ability to cope with a committment as small as 10 minutes per day.  I will definitely check out the app "CALM" as it is one that I am not familiar with.

It is also good to highlight that we are all unique in the way that this type of intentional practice works for each of us.  It sounds like you tried many different forms of practice - yoga, meditation, spiritual walks - and that helped you determine which was going to work for you as an individual in your unque experience.  What a great gift you received at Golden Door.

I hope that you ocntinue to find solace in your meditation practice and that it carries you through the role of caregivier with your husband.

New Year Blessings to you both,

Réponse de CaroleD_admin
30 déc. 2017, 21 h 57

Hi jopatte,

I also wondered if you might find this article on the site interesting?

I thought of it just after I hit send.

Take good care of yourself,

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