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Jun 07, 2005 - Feb 01, 2017
Humber College: Hospice Palliative Care, Loss & Grief Courses
On-line theory and practice course are offered to interdisciplinary team members (e. g. social work, nurses, personal support workers, etc) on a wide range of topics related to palliative, end-of-life and... read more...

Oct 13, 2009 - Feb 01, 2017
Pediatric Hospice Palliative Care: Offering Excellence Together
This 4 - day course is designed for all professionals (nurses, physicians, social workers, etc) and volunteers in hospitals and the community who care for dying children and their families.   A range of... read more...

Feb 22, 2010 - Feb 01, 2017
End of Life, Bereavement and Loss
The National Center for Death Education (NCDE) at Mount Ida College is to assist care-giving professionals and students in acquiring and maintaining a current knowledge base and in developing creative... read more...

Apr 07, 2010 - Dec 31, 2018
Dying, Death, and Bereavement: It's All About the Stories
Visit website for further details.

Aug 31, 2010 - Feb 01, 2017
Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care Course
10 - week course covers: history, principles, and cross-cultural issues in hospice palliative care; collaborative team work and ethical/legal issues; effective communication; the dying process; grief and... read more...

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