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Reply by KathCull_admin
19 Dec 2015, 3:35 PM

Good  morning,
When I woke up and thought of John this morning Xenia.  So I thought that was a sign I needed to write. 

Reading about the children who entertained you brought back memories of Christmas concerts I was a part of and going to those of my nephews, nieces and daughter. Last week I went to the Christmas presentation by my grand niece (I know you don't think I am old enough:) I am glad some of those traditions continue. Children can be so good for the soul. 

My daughter is living in Central America for the winter and I have joined her her for a few weeks. It will be a different Christmas and we will be warm but like so many of us here we will miss what was. I read somewhere - maybe it was here: Presence is missed so much more by absence.

Take care dear friends.
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Reply by NatR
19 Dec 2015, 3:52 PM

Hi Katherine, Xenia and all,
I just tried to respond to another posting...and I seem to have lost it...I tried to add to the note to Princess Peace...and I had so much to say.

Darn huh?
I cant even figure out how to add photos on here anymore.  My computer skills or my elderly computer are defeating me today.

I wanted to say to all readers that you are in my thoughts...that we are all going through a tough time over the holidays...but that we are pulling on inner strength to keep going.
You are all such amazing individuals.  If we could only have one big group hug...wouldnt that be wonderful?

Ah, but this forum is so special.  It brings us to the keyboard, to write, to read, to understand we are not alone.
Sending each of you a big virtual hug from a Virtual Forum that allows us to connect, support and be kind to each one.
Sending you all a bit of love wrapped up in these words.
You are not alone...as Katherine has said, as so many have said....we all feel the connection here..
NatR xx 
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Reply by Xenia
23 Dec 2015, 6:32 PM

Happy Christmas to All and Special Wishes for a Great New Year to one and All:

Getting ready to spend Christmas Eve Day at my daughter's house here in the city, rest of the family will be congreating on Christmas Day.  Lots of noise, laughter and all that goes on with a bunch of people.

I want to wish all on CVH, Nat, Katherine, nounce, Jimmie, Olde Bat, Ian and on and on to the other message boards a special Christmas.  I wish for you to be able to get through the Christmas Season with the knowledge that all of your friends and family on CVS will be thinking of you at this time.

For those who are still nursing or caring for a loved one at this time take the time to care for yourself and make some memories of your time with your loved one.  For those of us who have lost a loved one in the past year I share your grief, your joy of the season and rememberance of your loved one.

This time of year can be bitter sweet as I am feeling but with it comes the memories of Christmas's past.  Like yesterday, filling out the date on the Christmas gift cards John used to place money in for the kids.  He didn't like to shop and signed his gift cards with love Dad or Love grandpa for his (our) only grandson. The family took their gift of money and returned them to dad for the next Christmas.

 I looked at the dates and they started in 1998, brings back memories and how these cards keep on bringing back memories not only to me but to the family as well.  Noting when they first received the cards, how much money was a starter, how the new members came into the family and when they started receiving their gift card.   

We will miss John just as you will miss your loved one but can find happiness in remembering them in a special way this time of year and carry that memory with us through the year knowing the sadness will eventually lessen and we will always remember the years we spent together as a couple, as a mother and father, grandmother and grandfather and be greatful  that we did have those years.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year !

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Reply by dorms
23 Dec 2015, 8:45 PM

Hi All

I feel like NatR today. I had a lot typed out on here but somehow have lost it. So I'd like to just wish everybody on here a Peaceful & Happy Christmas.

Take care



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Reply by oldbat
23 Dec 2015, 8:53 PM

I'm joining the merry Christmas song!  Lovely message from Xenia - as always.  Don't ever stop.  And I hope to get back on VHS in 2016.  

To all of you wonderful, caring people out there, may your Christmas be as happy as possible, and may 2016 bring you peace and comfort. 


P.s.  For Jimmie - you and your wife are always in my thoughts and prayers.  May you both know peace, contentment and ease this season, in yourselves, with each other and with your fine family. 
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Reply by NatR
24 Dec 2015, 12:59 AM

Merry Christmas all,

xenia thanks for the lovely note - as always you write so vividly about your journey and experience- and you send us all thoughtful kindness 

may you have a peaceful Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.
peace and love
natr ⛄️❄️🎄❄️ 
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Reply by NatR
24 Dec 2015, 1:00 AM

You too OldBat 
hugs natr  
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Reply by Nouce
24 Dec 2015, 1:02 AM

Joyeux Noel, Happy Christmas to all. In the midst of grief and darkness, you all are lignts to me.



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Reply by KathCull_admin
24 Dec 2015, 3:44 PM

A peaceful Christmas to all of you dear friends. Like you Xenia my daughter and I are both thankful for the years we had together.

We are in Lake Attitlan, Guatemala over the Christmas season - so I also wish you Feliz Navidad.

You, your memories, sadness, happiness and grief are all so important to me.
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Reply by NatR
24 Dec 2015, 4:22 PM

Same to you and your daughter Katherine,

wishing everyone a peaceful holiday with a bit of sleep thrown in for good measure  

the he wind is blowing us all around in northern Ontario...power outages , trees down and minor damage in places like sudbury  

best wishes,
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