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Reply by Nouce
11 Apr 2017, 2:32 PM

Greetings to all,

Thank you, Jim, for this reflection on Xenia's birthday. My milestone is that I just received my certificate of Canadian citizenshikp. So I am still here working away in the cradle of the Confederacy, and caring for Pablo, but feeling specially blessed and surrounded by my Canadian mother, within the sea of human love.


Love to you all,



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Reply by Xenia
15 Apr 2017, 5:02 PM

Greetings to All:

Happy Easter to one and all on this message board.

Thank you for the best wishes and the same to you as we all have birthdays each year.

Nat:  I am sorry to hear of your recent illness.  Yes, when we live to gether as we do passing illness to one another is common.  We had this happen with the flu this past few months.  Everyone had to take special care and visitors were discouraged from coming.

Nounce:  Congratulations on receiving your Canadian Citizen ship certufucate.  Also the wordsof wisdom .  Each of us have so much to give to one another.

Jimmie:  Thank you for the wishes and your messages are poetic.  As I reread your message about the ships and the harbout I often look out my windows and see the shps in Indian arm which is part of the Pacific Ocean.  Some waiting to leave, others being pushed by tugboats.  All going somewhere leaving the safe harbour going to places unknown by myself and those of us who watch them leave.  Living by the Ocean and observing the activity on the harbout and ocean.

Thank you once again for a wonderful message and Happy Easter to one and All.

Love and Hugs

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Reply by NatR
15 Apr 2017, 10:23 PM

Happy Easter to all 

I have spent today helping a local church group prep for an easter brunch tomorrow

I am also part of a community supper that feeds the homeless and lonely  each Sunday and Monday
  Being busy is a good thing for me and I know we all are definitely keeping busy whether it is caregiving or something else 

today I saw my first flypast of Canada geese - a sure sign of spring
milder weather had arrived along with the rain showers which cleans the sandy streets and helps the flowers bloom

looking forward to really nice weather in a few short weeks

wishing you all a happy weekend, a happy Easter 🐣 and good health
greetings to you all as we have intermittently messaged back and forth with words of support
with good thoughts
NatR 🌺 
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Reply by KathCull_admin
23 Apr 2017, 3:43 PM

It's been too long, but I keep you all in my heart.  


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Reply by Xenia
04 Jul 2017, 5:44 PM

Happy canada Day:

Late but greetings just the same on Canada's 150 birthday.

How is everyone on this mesage board.  I know I miss the comradery of this group but have been lax keeping in touch.

I have been somewhat busy the past three months getting my life in order, somewhat, settling in completely and enjoying our Spring and Summer finally.   BBQ's with the family and activities at the residence.

Watching the ships moving in and out of the harbour has me longing to go on a trip, anywhere, but where.  This of course reminds me of the trips John and I used to take going anywhere or travelling across Canada to see his family and stopping in the prairies to visit with mine.  Gone are those days but memories remain fresh and relived often.  

I cannot say that I have completely resigned my life without John as he is too fresh in my memories and I carry on remembering and then letting go for a few days then something will remind me of him and there I go again.  Such is life.

My health remains good except for the need to see a rhematologist which will be in 3 months.  Growing old and having ones bones wear out is part of the aging process I have discovered and learning to live or learning how to live with constant pain in my shoulder etc.  Even typing is hard but then there is always Tylenol, good thing I do not imbibe or else a drink or two might help.  lol.  Of course, then I would have another problem.  

Old BAt, Jimmie, Nounce, Nat, Katherine, How are you all?  I reread the messages and am always amazed at the spirit of all.  So good to know we share so much in common and share so much as well.

Getting close to lunch so will sign off for now.  Take care and Best Wishes to All.

With loving thoughts and hugs

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Reply by oldbat
04 Jul 2017, 6:25 PM

Hi all,

Long haul!  Not sure where it will end.  Pneumonia from November to April.  Fell down a deep. dark hole.  Not sure if/when sunshine will return.  Tired of the solitary struggle.  Karl is content in his new home, and has even made a couple of new friends.  Seeing him (relatively) haooy keeps me going.  I go over and spend Sunday afternoon with him.  That's all I'm strong enough to do at this point.  I take goodies for the five of us and, weather permitting, we sit on the covered patio on his floor, chat  and look  out over the beautiful gardens and old-growth trees..  A moment of peace, even joy.

Sorry for the wail.  I think about you all so much, but can't seem to make it to the computer!

oldbat - wings furled tightly around head!!

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Reply by NatR
05 Jul 2017, 1:09 AM

Hello everyone 

we have become a silent group but not forgotten- I think about my friends here but have taken on some volunteering and just finding myself busy and trying to spend time outside when it's nice weather

the spring was wet cold and unseasonable in northern ontario
I am glad that Oldbat and Xenia gave us a poke!

i know we all find struggles as we carry on,  but it's the fact we keep carrying on thats important!

i hear you Oldbat as you try to keep doing everything and run out of steam.
i also know what you are saying xenia - when you talk about dreaming of going places and wishing Joun were still close by

it seems like such a long time ago that we held each other up and gave support and encouragement
here we are still / and I send you all some Canadian hugs and kindness
be kind to yourselves and those around you

hoping summer is a nice one for you all

sending Xenia Oldbat jimmy Nouce Katherine and anyone I forgot - hugs and good thoughts for the summer season
enjoy each day as best you can - 
with warm thoughts 
natR 👍🏻🤗🙏🏻

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Reply by Jimmie
07 Jul 2017, 12:04 AM

I woke this morning to a racket of crows outside my window shouting raspy insults at each other.  They are brazen little buggers with their cocky, unhurried strutting to the side of the road when I approach with mischief in my mind. They measure their safety in inches rather than the yards I would give a car were I one of them.  I think Christ had it wrong when he suggested the meek shall inherit the earth.  I think it's crows that shall remain when we are gone.  That's where I would put my money.

I am sorry to hear how rough your winter was Oldbat.  I am sorry about the relentless weariness of your "solitary struggle".  I am heartened by you reference to ther old-growth trees..  and the "moment of peace, even joy" they offered you. I think trees make fine companions especially the old ones that have weathered more than one storm and bear the scars to prove it. There is a presence there, a consoling presence as far as I am concerned.  We would do well to honour them. Who knows what they really are.

Perhaps, Nat , next spring you should leave the wet and cold of northern Ontario and head west. Perhaps you and Xenia could take a trip together.  It seems appropriate you do so since you have been such a steadfast traveller for her over the years.  I wonder where you might choose to go, Xenia, were you to have the chance. My own compass seems to have lost its needle of late and with it my sense of direction.  But I can readily imagine the two of you enjoying the freshness of such a change. Maybe you could go as well, Oldbat.  That would be my wish for you given the depth of your exhaustion.  A trip, a journey, a leaving familiar shores behind if only momentarilly. The smell of salt water, or perhaps the rhythms of a train.  I wish that for the three of you. Perhaps it is folly to entertain such fancies, but I think not. It is merely an expression of affection, an "imagining" as Anne Shirley might say, a way out of loneliness, and grief, and weariness however ephemeral. Sometimes, the spirit needs such imaginings however poorly founded in oder to endure another day.

For me, it is an empty room with slants of sunlight stratching across a hardwood floor. That is my semblance of reprieve, my voyage, my shedding of the troubled shoreline. In the stillness of such a space, I sometimes find an opportunity to let go and, perhaps - not always but from time to time - begin again. A drink of cold, clear water from a rock bound well.     

I wish you all well. Take care.  You are a treasure to me.



I am 
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Reply by NatR
07 Jul 2017, 2:38 PM

thank our for your note that touched my heart - and I am sure it touched every reader ❤️

It it would be a lovely thought to get together with Xenia and for that matter each member of this group
wouldnt it be fun to visit and chat and laugh at all the stories behind us - talk about the friends spouses and others who defined our life for a time - that would be a wonderful thing

a bus tour with the bunch of us together - that would be a Party 🎉 Bus for sure

i do wish we could have some virtual reality through this site
it would be something to see each face and hear the voices that go with the name

msybe Katherine and Colleen could join us and make it perfect

lest put it on the wish list for this December!

outside there is grey sky and cool temps - but the past two days were in the 30 Celsius bracket!
the weather has been unseasonal to say the least 

Army worms 🐛 or caterpillars are stripping the trees and sliming their way everywhere/ did I say I hate bugs? 

I am am hopeful that sometime we will get some decent weather - as even the gardens and plants don't want to grow because it's too cool and too wet 

i wish you all a good week and hope you get to enjoy something going on in your community 
market gardens are starting up and summer concerts each week if you are fortunate to have those offered 

speaking of concerts - last week was a huge concert week in my area and I lucked into tickets - so that was fun - including fireworks for Canada Day

i am glad to live in Canada where we can enjoy many freedoms that others cannot
hugs to you all 🤗
Thoughts and good wishes as well  
A virtual friend 

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Reply by Xenia
07 Jul 2017, 4:44 PM

Dear Jimmie, Nat, Old Bat, Nounce, Katherine  and all:

How wonderful, we are in touch again.  Jimmie you uplifted my spirits as did Nat and Old Bat, almost said Old Bag, (again - recall that laugh).

Time may have seperated us for a short period of time but once we meet again it is as if we were never apart.

Jimmie, where would I like to travel.  Many times I thought I want to go to New Brunswick to meet Jimmie, the bard of our message board, as Nat stated, a group of us on a bus, meeting and sharing,  What a delight that would be.  Old Bat we could have a good laugh and realize that we all share the same sense of humour that we shared our lives without knowing each other.  We trusted our inner thoughts and feelings and kew we had friends.

Jimmie you speak of the crows.  I do believe those you hear traverse to my window at 5:00 a.m. as they are squawking outside my window along with the seagulls fighting for whatever they see or just to squawk and wake the residents in our building.   The sun wakes me early each morning as I face East and get up with the birds, look out the sliding door and see the tugs moving the ships laden with goods down the Indian Arm which is part of the Pacific Ocean.  The mounains in the back ground fill the void and there are so many of these mountains, all different heights and some still have the snow on their peaks.  The frieght train carrying goods travels along th edge of the ocean and all this is visible to my eyes.

Off my patio I can see a bridge many miles away, of course where I live in B.C. the land is not flat so we have plateaus and rises where one wonders how they built the many buildings, houses and bridges on these precipeces.  (spelling).

Yes, I do want to travel, I want to meet all of you on Virtual hospice, who advocates for me.  I know you in my heart but my eyes and mind do not see you so I picture you each in a special way.

To-day will be a hard day as one of my table mates has lost her son due to a stroke.  A sad time as she travelled to Hawaii and was with him for 3 months then brought him home to Vancouver hoping he would survive however he passed away last night and today we will be sharing her loss.  Many of our losses are not the same as I for one have not lost a child and can only hope to understand her loss and grief.  I pray for guidance in being there for her and for all of us who sit at our table.  6 women, many widows and one who lost her son a number of years ago.  I am so glad Virtual hospice helped me through  my pain and grief and that you all were there supporting me at that time.

My thoughts are with you and perhaps we will take that trip on that bus and get to know each other personally and find that we are a real family of friends.

Hugs to all.

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