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Reply by oldbat
06 Oct 2017, 2:18 AM

Such encouragement.  I am so blessed! And yes, I do plan to keep at it. Have suffered in silence for too long now. I want to go live with Karl so desparately and am damned if I'll let the bloody government, who don't know s--- about what we seniorsand/or handicapped folks go through. What's worse, they seriously don't care. Has anybody, aside from me, been watching/involved with the Canadian Medical Association's Demand A Plan for Seniors campaign. I've been involved from the beginning, 1 - 3 years ago, I think. And it's achieved SFA. They held a podcast in August with Jane Philpott, who was then Federal Health Minister, put moved on two days later. She MUST have known - so why bother? Leave it to her successor! I did log-on and posted three questions, none of which were answered or even acknowledged. No wonder!  It was a 1/2 hour session and the "notables" at CMA spent the first 15 minutes fawning over her.  She then took, largely irrelevant, questions for the last 15 minutes and gave non-specific replies! What has amused me the most (got to get my chuckles from somewhere these days!), was reading the comments below afterwards. A sizable group of seniors who were major p.o'd. Still are. They're still talking about it on-line. If there's anyone who's living in Toronto, i've found a great care-givers' support group.  It's held on the last Thursday of every month, at Woodgreen Community Centre. I attended the first last week, and came away impressed enough to sign up for the next.  They're actually holding a number of groups for senior (or less senior!) caregivers there. If anyone's interested, please email me off-line and I'll be happy to tell you more. Thank you ALL so much for the kind words and encouragement, I'll be back for more - hopefully sooner than anyone thinks:) Sorry for any typos. The tremor is now affecting my hands, so inputting can get interesting!
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Reply by oldbat
06 Oct 2017, 2:26 AM

Forgot to post the above before I went out.  See that the internet gremlins decided to "help" me out.  LOL.
Sorry about that - it's not ALL my shakes.  And speaking of which, there is a glimmer of hope.  I mentioned being on medical marijuana.  Started that this summer.  It's done wonders for my mood but did not seem to be helping with the DT's.  Until yesterday.  I adjusted my dose and a miracle happened.  They've not disappeared completely, but are dramitically reduced, to the point where I actuallly ventured out today - in the morning and late afternoon, with almost complete impunity.  For months now I've barely been able to make it across the road.  So this truly is amazing.  Everything's crossed!

Happy OldbatCool
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Reply by KathCull_admin
06 Oct 2017, 3:02 AM

Dear Happy Oldbat and all
i elininated the gremlins but left the necessary anacronyms;)  I am sorry but needed to take your direct contact information off Oldbat - will follow up with PM. But if anyone would like to contact you please let me know via katherine@virtualhospice.ca and I will connect you. 

Thanks so so much for what you are doing to make life better.  Also very glad to know the medical marijuana has improved what seems to be quality of life too!
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Reply by KathCull_admin
15 Oct 2017, 2:18 PM

Update from Oldbat. 

I left much of the message as is - thought it was fitting given the title of the thread "But who advocates for me?

“The article I've been maundering on about is supposed to appear in the Toronto Star today.  The reporter told me "front page", but I'm sure that the "Dr O.A." or one of his appalling accomplices, will do something disgusting before then, so Karl and I will be banished to the Entertainment Section:)

The reporter wants to cover the financial piece in a different story.  We've also discussed doing a third, talking about the difficulty of getting ANY relevant information for care-givers in Social Services.  Couple of points on that:  When Karl entered rehab, we were both supposed to have been contacted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, who would have stayed with us during that, extremely difficult, leg of the journey.  They have an office in the main lobby of the hospital, but no-one EVER told us about it.  And they would have been there for me, too.  

A month ago my case manager (the latest one!) from CCAC came to see me and wanted to know if there's anything more (MORE????} she could do for me/.  I mentioned that I would love to find a Tai Chi class.  I've been an athlete all my life and being forced to be immobile for some years has taken its toll on my body, as well as what's left of my mind!  So, today, I got a call from a social worker with the VHA offering to help me find  a Rekei class at one of the community centres I'm already using:)” 

Looking forward to more updates. I could not find it when I did a quick check of the site today but here is link to Toronto Star



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Reply by oldbat
15 Oct 2017, 3:13 PM

Supposed to run on Sunday or Monday now!  They keep changing the insertion date on me! Sorry for the confusion.  I'll post again once I've actually seen it and once it's run it should be cached on their site.
Frustrated oldbat 
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Reply by oldbat
15 Oct 2017, 3:22 PM

P.s.  Katherine thanks so much for posting for me and for your continual help and encouragement.  Not sure things would have got so far without that.
Ironic aside: I had to cancel my daily Star delivery this week, something I've ALWAYS had, because I can't afford it any more.   So I'll be reading it on-line too

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Reply by Xenia
15 Oct 2017, 7:26 PM

Greetings All:

Katherine and Old Bat good hearing from you again.

Old Bat regarding Demand a Plan, you will recall that about 2 years ago I was doing a lot of advocating for Terminal Care, Home care and many more needed medical assistance reliefs when I first came on to Virtual Hospice.

Especially one of my rants was that Caregivers, if they were wives, were not called Caregivers by the income tax department.  I have been an advocate for many of the causes you are now advocating for on behalf of caregivers and the patient.  I wish you much success in your endevaour.  It is a hard road to climb and one of the things I learned is you have to keep on writing and writing.  Also, members of Parliament need to be reached.  All mail to them is free but mail to your provinical members are not covered so I sent tons of letters all filled with information on Palliative care needs,etc.

I was in Contact with the Canadian Medical Association as well and have seen two presidents come and go since my beginning of advocacy for palliative care, etc.
Good luck and I trust that all on CVH will follow your call for more Canadians to be vocal in support of the needs of Seniors, the sick and dying as we all sooner or later will be or are in need of some help either financial or care, housing, etc at sometime in our lives.

Good on you and Keep it Up.  I have been advocating for Palliative care nigh on 3 years when I first came on to CVH.

Take care.

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Reply by Xenia
17 Oct 2017, 12:37 AM

Hi Old Bat

Did you receive the news report from Demand a Plan to-day.  It was great except for clarification on tax benefits for caregivers.

Reading through the report it does not really clarify if wives and husbands can claim the income tax credit as when the last election was on Harper and company claimed the tax credit was for caregivers yet this did not allow for wives or husbands to claim this tax credit.

I wrote Demand a plan and asked them to clarify this as it is so ambigouus (spelling) that I could not really understand it  If you can clarify this let me know.  Thanks


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Reply by Xenia
07 Nov 2017, 2:44 PM

Dear Katherine:

Thank you for being part of Canadian Virtual Hospice.  We will miss you and wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do as you leave CVH.

Your understanding and kind words helped myself and so many other on CVH and helped us get through many a day when we were helpless and wandered looking for a reason to go ahead when we had lost a loved one.

Your understanding helped so many of us and even though you, yourself, lost your loved one you were there for us.  Thank YOu.

Whatever you choose to do now we know you will always be with us in spirit and wish you all the best.  I know I speak for myself and am sure others feel the same way.

With sincere thanks for all you have helped me though during my loss of John.

With love and hugs

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Reply by oldbat
25 Apr 2018, 7:42 PM

Not sure where you all are.  Just wanted you to know that you are missed.  Seriously, sadlly missed.  Spent over an hour reading many of the posts in this forum this afrernoon, which increased my sense of loss.
I disappeared.  Not voluntarily.  Total burn-out from years of solo care-giving.  Have resurfaced in Karl's LTC home.  Long story.  Still far from Well, but we'll enough  to recognize what I lost when I suddenly stopped everything.  I lost all of you.  
I miss you.  Can we reconnect?  Xenia?  Jimmie? Frustrated?  NatR?  Adopted Son?  JennJilks?  And, of course, Katherine.  I know that you're not officially part of CVH anymore, but hope that you are still "ghosting".  You sent me a lovely, personal email some back, which I was too far gone to respond to.  I am so sorry.
I am so hoping that someone out there still remembers, and misses - as I do - all the camaraderie we shared.  The laughter.   Tears.  Virtual chocolate, wine and hugs that united us.
I never forgot you all.  Never will.  Am just so sad that I faded, oh so unwillingly, from view..
Please get in touch, if you can.  


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