Christopher MacKinnon PhD, OPQ

Montreal, QC
Psychologist and Director of Training, Psychologie Mont Royal

Chris is a psychologist and Director of Training at Psychologie Mont Royal, a private clinic located in Montreal. In this role he sees individuals, couples, and families while overseeing the internship and apprenticeship programs of the practice. Prior to this position, he worked as a palliative care psychologist for almost 10 years at the McGill University Health Center. Chris holds an academic appointment in the Department of Oncology at McGill and is a faculty member of the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition in Oregon. He is a clinical supervisor for numerous healthcare organisations in Quebec and is involved with several international bereavement education initiatives.

His most recent publications focus on meaning making and depth psychology.  He serves on the executive of the International Congress on Palliative Care and is on the advisory board for the Montreal Palliative Care Institute. A frequent conference and workshop presenter, Chris is passionate about his work as a psychologist, specializing in the broad areas of loss and life transition.

He was the primary writer for (developed with the Canadian Virtual Hospice) which won national innovation awards from the Canadian Foundation of Healthcare Improvement and Digital Health Canada. Chris joined Canadian Virtual Hospice in 2019 as a psychosocial specialist.