Best of All: The Quick Reference Guide To Effective Volunteer Involvement

Author(s)Linda L. Graff
PublisherLinda Graff and Associates Inc.

This book is written by Linda Graff, who has a deserved reputation of producing high-quality, tell-it-like-it-is books for volunteer managers. This resource collects into a single volume all the latest techniques that produce effective volunteer involvement. It has been prepared specifically for "volunteer" volunteer coordinators in organizations such as sports associations and churches, and for local chapter/branch organizers – volunteer leaders who typically do not call what they do “volunteer management” but who are engaged in the management of volunteer efforts nonetheless. All of the principles and expertise from the field of volunteer program management apply equally to what they do. As well, paid managers of volunteers who are new to the profession, and more experienced managers who are just too busy to search through libraries of literature for solutions to their volunteer program shortcomings, will find plenty of practical help and even some new thinking in this guide. 169 pages. For further information, visit

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