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Tossing & Turning 
Started by KathCull_admin
17 Oct 2015, 3:01 PM

Matthew Holloway wrote,

Sleep evades me in the night

I listen to sounds make thoughts

which play upon my mind

in the dark of the room I lay

waiting for serenity to come

time passes slowly

as though held imperfect

its warm, too warm for comfort

and too cold beyond the bed sheet

the day has been long, the body aches

still, still sleep evades me

and those sounds, each shadow

play upon the mind more and more

restless and anxious for sleep

to rest, to dream, to be at peace

the elusive sleep in the night

where thoughts consume me"

A good sleep and feeling rested may not always be possible when you are providing care for someone who is sick. The article Sleep and Caregivers, written by the Virtual Hospice team, lists some things that may help caregivers improve their sleep:

  • Grab a few minutes of exercise or fresh air each day

  • Cut down on caffeine

  • Relaxation or visualization exercises might help

Does sleep evade you in the night? Do thoughts, worries, uncertainties or the need to provide care keep you from sleeping?  What helps? 

You are not alone.


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