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Chemo & the brain - any thoughts? 
Started by Marymary
08 Jun 2015, 4:18 AM

HI all - have any of you noticed any changes in the brain capabilities due to chemo? For example = short term memory.

I've posted in the Stage 4 throat cancer discusssion but I am very curious about chemotherapy and the brain?

Brief rundown - my son's dad will have to do 35radiation treatments and 3 chemos., he's done 16 radiation and just completed on June 4, 2nd chemo.  Radiation focused on throat with that cage.

So have any of you noticed big changes in your loved ones behaviour/memory?

My son's dad seems to have lost almost totally his short term memory., putting his wallet in his back pocket and then proceeds to freak out cuz he's lost his wallet only to figure out it is in his back pocekt.  He get kinda frustrated., confused because he never put his wallet in his back pockets - like ever., and states the same I NEVER put my wallet there?  Forgetting how to use his own camera or where he just put down something goes to washroom then coming back to freak out because it's not where he left it? It's still in the same place but he totally forgets - like a blank mind for a bit.  

I think he's doing ok but concerned about the brain aspect of things?  Notice his hearing is starting to go along with hair as well as very red neck.

I know they say cancer above the shoulder is probably most toughest one of them all, due to all senses are affect.  Dont' get me wrong, I'm not taking away from any other types of cancers gosh no.  

Hearing, seeing (glaucoma eventually)., taste (gone)., touch (numbing tingling in hands and fingers), smell (heightened at this time).  But you know is this for all cancers. all affected.

I am unsure what to think of the brain aspect, he has to really think of things when saying them and at times he has to ask what  you mean?

So would just like feedback if anyone else notices anything with their loved ones?  If you would care to share. 

Someome told (retired notice) she said you know the doctors will not say all things., til you notice things., not that they are keeping it a secret just here is so much and some it may affect and some it wont.  We did get a list of all side effect re: radiation and it was a long one but for chemo they said times the radiation effects by more and chemo would be hearing and tingling and numbing in the hands and fingers.  

No one has mentioned the brain whatsoever?  Appreciate all comments.  thank you 
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Reply by KathCull_admin
24 Jun 2015, 3:33 PM

Hi Marymary
I am sorry about the delay in responding to this post. I am wondering if you would find it helpful to use the Ask a Professional section of the Canadian Virtual Hospice. Members on the fourm may not have the kind of information you would find helpful. 

What do you think?

How has the move been for you all? I would imagine your son appreciates you being there.

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