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Hello Hospice  
Started by Quinn
11 May 2017, 1:07 AM

Hello All!!!

I have been on here before as a member, but can't remember my login information, so I decided just to recreate my account and re-introduce myself to the group again. In short, I am a Personal  Support Worker  (PSW) and on my days off I volunteer for my local hospice as a Palliative Care visitor in the client's home or hospital setting. I wanted to become a bereavement volunteer helping others, only to discover much of my own grief still needed to be worked through...a story I will save for another discussion post. Let me just say, after receiving  support for myself from a peer volunteer, I feel great!!! I am able to see my grief and how I deal with my grief differently 😉😄 I look forward to sharing my experiences and offering my support to others. 
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