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what the doctor didn't say 
Started by Wingman
12 Jun 2015, 1:59 AM

"The xrays show very good response...better that I could have hoped for. We took you to hell and back but I feel it was worth it. We will monitor every two months and expect regrowth in six to twelve months. Have a good summer."                  
He didnt talk about what happens when the cancer comes back in the first two months.
And so I lived in a bubble.

He didnt say.."google the diagnosis amd read the medical studies"....but I did.
I learned what the acronyms meant and understood the numbers....
The doctorndidnt say that initial response doesnt improve overall survival...but the literature did....and yet I still lived in a bubble.


I will ready my warrior chains....No One Fights Alone.
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Reply by KathCull_admin
13 Jun 2015, 1:49 PM

Hi Wingman,
Have you had news in the past week? Or are you preparing for news you think you will hear over the next little while? 

In some ways like you, Marymary is readying herself Husband has stage four head and neck cancer.to support her son's father.  

How do you ready your warrior chains Wingman? 



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Reply by Wingman
14 Jun 2015, 2:12 AM

I have a dear friend at the farm where I work. 
In 2013 she was dx with stage 2 SCC of the throat. 30 rad tx and excellent results. We rode our horses...she came to all of my shows...my number one supporter, my right hand man.

Sept of 2014 showed cannonball mets to the lungs. They said 8 months without erbitux....10 months with it.
7 rounds of very aggressive chemo. I though she was dying. I though this is how death comes. I went to appointmemts and helped in every way I could. She had a boyfriend at the time and he helped also. I stayed nights at her house....she lives alone, she has no family.

Chemo ended in March. Tumours mostly gone...some small remenamts. Doctor said expect to be looking at treatment options again in 6mths to a year and would check things every two months.
She regained muscle mass, her hair began to grow. We went out for dinner and took a trip. we rode our horses and she came to my shows.
Things were as they had been before this past awful winter and so gradually cancer became less and less consuming. There was a wonderful summer ahead. Thursday was the first follow up. Tumours have returned in just these couple of months. This does not seem real....it is impossible for this to happen. I cant seem to get my head around what is coming for I am wiser to the tx now. She no longer has her boyfriend. I was distancing myself from this disease...I had though she had beat the numbers....her response had been so great. It is surreal to think that tuesday we are going nack to the chemo room. She is still improvimg for the winter...it is, in a word, impossible. It has taken a coulle of days to realize even on the surface what this information is really saying. I had spent months trying to gather information amd to umderstand what to expect and how this would go....but I did not see this coming...not after only a coiple of momths. I'm not sure I know how to do the next part..I dom'tt know I cam draw from. This simply can not be.                                WM
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Reply by KathCull_admin
17 Jun 2015, 1:11 PM

Wingman, no matter how much we prepare for what might be ahead - the reality is still hard. Where do you draw strength from? 

How is your friend this week?

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