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Started by Dar64
24 Sep 2015, 5:52 AM

Unique and Devastating Loss (by WifeLess)

With the death of our spouse (which here includes fiancée, significant other, partner, etc.), we grieve the loss of so much more than someone we merely loved or were close to. We grieve instead the loss of: The one we loved most deeply, cherished and felt the very closest to. The one we swore commitment to in that unique human bond of marriage, which many consider sacred. The one we shared the ultimate partnership with to live as one and perhaps bear children with. The one who embodied our true sense of home. The one who was our best friend and who was to be our companion for life. The one we confided in, depended on and trusted most. The one who really knew, understood and accepted us as we were. The one we felt safe and protected with. The one we shared private moments and intimate feelings with. The one we mated souls with.

But it is not just that this most precious person has been torn from our life, as unbearably heartbreaking as that alone is. With the death of our spouse, and only of our spouse, many additional profound losses must be grieved as well. For we also suffer: The loss of who we ourselves were while with them. The loss of the couple we were once half of. The loss of the life partnership we once formed. The loss of the husband or wife role we once embraced. The loss of the life we once lived. The loss of the plans we once made. The loss of the dreams we once shared. The loss of the future we once envisioned.

Amidst all this, we are also suddenly confronted with many hardships we never expected to face at this point in our life. Besides financial survival, increased domestic burdens and perhaps single parenting, additional challenges less apparent to others but all too real and terrifying to us. We must now find it within ourselves: To create a new identity. To redefine our role in life. To establish a new connection to the world. To build a new network of social relationships. To discover a new sense of purpose. To formulate a new set of goals. To decide on a new direction for our future.

And we must accomplish these without dishonoring our former life, but while suppressing bittersweet memories of that life, so that they not hold us back. Memories of happier times mostly, but also those of our spouse’s death, either sudden and shocking or after prolonged illness. We must further endure the feelings of guilt and disloyalty that follow us as we attempt to forget and move forward, but with our heartstrings tied so tightly to the past.

And all these tasks must be taken on at the lowest possible point of our life in the worst state imaginable. When we are the weakest, most vulnerable, most insecure, most isolated, most heartbroken and most emotionally exhausted we have ever been. Without that one person we long ago became accustomed to relying on to help get us through life’s greatest challenges. The one who, just by being there, would have provided us emotional comfort and moral support to draw upon, as well as the strength and confidence we need to complete those tasks and so much more. But now we face all this alone.

Profound indeed is the death of our spouse. Unique and devastating. For nearly all of us, much more catastrophic to our life than the loss of any other. And truly comparable, many of us widows and widowers often feel, to one other death only. Ours.

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Reply by KathCull_admin
24 Sep 2015, 1:47 PM

Hello Dar64 
Thanks so much for posting this piece. Did you write it? Or did you find it? I see the time is close to 2 am - do you have trouble sleeping?

I have been so aware that the person who knew me  - but loved me regardless! is no longer here. And the loss of who I was. Thank you.

Did you write it? Or did you find it?

Take care
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Reply by Dar64
24 Sep 2015, 5:46 PM

Hi Kathcull,

I did not write this, but i did find it on another site, i found that it says it all. I could relate to everything that was being said, i felt it was most definately worth sharing.
Sadly yes i am still having problems sleeping at night, no one is beside me anymore, i get naps here and there but going to an empty lonely bed is probably one of my biggest issues, almost 32 years with someone there!! Sigh
I am so sorry for your loss, you have my deepest condolences.. ((Virtual hugs))

I highly recommend looking at onefit widows web site, amazing woman who lost her husband and was left with small children, how she has over come so much, a true inspiration, her new husband even says a few things about loving a widow, acceptance that he will never be the only one she thinks about and loves. What a great man she found!!

With love & hugs always,
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